Subject: Nudity on Bartcop


I am not a prude and I do not have a problem with nudity, but I often read at work
and I do not expect to see nudity on the page. Please do not post nudity on the main Bartcop page
and if you link to a page that containes nudity, please be sure to warn your readers that the link
contains nudity or anything else that might not be appropriate to view at work.

You would not want any of your loyal viewers to get fired for reading bartcop would you?

Brian Sweat

Brian, I'm a liberal, so I have excuses lined up around the block.

I had no idea there were still work sites that allowed a site as subversive and dangerous
   as  on their Smirk.Ashcroft-approved servers.  I'm in shock.
Not enough time to go back and check, but I'm pretty sure Dr. Spread Legs
    wasn't on the main page - she was buried behind a link - which sounds kinda nice...
There must be a philosophical difference between publishing tawdry and salacious nudity
   of gorgeous, young babes and pointing out the hypocrisy of aging and sluttish windbags
   who destroy innocent lives to further enrich their garish and gaudy bank accounts.
Surely, primary blame must go to the bimbo hussy who straddled the camera lens.
    I feel I'm doing America a service, even educating her, by showing that slut's true nature.
Websters defines prurient as "marked by or arousing an immoderate or unwholesome interest or desire"
    I'm fairly certain even the horniest of teenage boys were not entertained by Laura Schlessinger's Bush.
There's a lot I'd be willing to do for you and other readers, but those pictures of Miss Saucebox
    will pop up now and then until she sues me in a court of law.
ha ha, I just looked up "slut" at  and under Synonyms, it listed "dowd,"
    ha ha, that's too good to be true.

 I can't put up big signs that say, "Warning, Dr Laura's naked picture is coming up."
 Without the surprise, there's no joke.
 Without the joke, there's no
 If anyone has an answer, please come forward.

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