Get over it

That is exactly what some House Republicans said
during the debate over the challenge to the Ohio electors.
What feebs;  recycling some throw away line from the last
time they stole the election.  Word, assholes:  Get over us
not getting over it, because we never will GET OVER IT.
It is simply not American to do so.

I got the impression that the Repugs were caught flat-footed
by the challenge to the Ohio electors, although I am not sure
why they didn't see it coming. The  House Dems speaking,
by contrast, were eloquent, they were civil, and they were
loaded for bear.

Anyone watching the debates may have observed that each
Democrat speaker provided additional documents that WILL
be a permanent part of the Congressional record.  We have
not yet seen these documents, but I am willing to bet there
are at least one or two bombshells in there.

As an added benefit, the Repugs provided Michael Moore
some GREAT footage for his upcoming flick about the election.
There were genuine spittlefleck moments, as each and every
Republican opposing the challenge spewed the worst sort of
partisan venom.  These unflattering moments are not only a
permanent part of American history, but might actually
wind up on the silver screen.

And I don't think anyone can reasonably make the case that
the Repugs were more persuasive with their nasty invective
than the ever-polite and professional Dems were with their
facts and figures.  Of course, the predictably stupid right-wingers
seem to think that insults and verbal zingers can substitute
for a honest evaluation of a situation.

So, go ahead and tell us to "get over it" again. Throw me in
THAT briar patch, CHUMPS.  The Republicans were
totally PLAYED that day.

There are some other things that wonks should consider.
Bear with me on this, and think about it before giving up
on the Democratic party.

I was puzzled as to WHY the Republicans were having
kittens over the challenge, since they clearly dominate
both houses of Congress.  The hysteria and shrillness of
their protest indicated to me that even though the challenge
was known to be hopeless by the numbers, the Dems
were very successful in twisting their tails.  The real
savagery occurred off-camera.

The tally of the yeas and nays on the challenge never was
the point.  Dems couldn't possibly win this vote.

Nonetheless, the House vote to dispose of the "Boxer
Rebellion" was held up for some time because they DID
NOT HAVE A QUORUM!  The Dems provided a stack
of requests for leave of absence mid-way during the debate,
which were granted.  At least five times during the debates,
House members exited the chambers.

Additionally, there were approximately 50 House Republicans
and 80 House Dems who did not vote on on the challenge at all.

I am certain that had any of the House Republicans been
physically present at this very important Joint Session, that
they would have been pressured to bring the vote on the
challenge to an end quickly.   But they needed a 2/3 vote
to bring the challenge to an end, and they did not have it
for quite a while.  50 House REPUBLICANS were
obviously either not present or not willing to bring the
challenge to an end!

Why does it matter?  The failure to close the vote would
have resulted in another historic situation and a
Constitutional crisis.  Under law, the Joint Congress does
not meet again until March.  As I understand it, Dems had
the power at this point to delay the certification of the
electors until then.

The Dems could not politically afford to pull a "killer bees"
exeunt from Washington, D.C.  for any great period of time.
But they were needed (and the missing House Republicans
were needed) to bring the challenge to an end. Apparently,
no additional House Republicans could be located! must wonder about that.

Eventually after an hour, one by one, DEMOCRAT
representatives trickled in to cast their vote.  The
certification of electors proceeded THE MINUTE a
quorum was achieved.  It seems obvious to me that
concessions were bargained for and won by the Dems
that day, behind the scenes.

Of course, the next day's explosive revelations about the
White House purchase of right-wing commentator Armstrong
Williams was peachy.  But LO AND BEHOLD, the House
Committee on Eduation request for investigation of the White
House purchase of propaganda with our tax dollars was
BI-PARTISAN.   Hard to believe, isn't it? Wonder how we
managed that unprecedented cooperation? You suppose the
Republicans got rolled the day before?

This will not rid us of the Smirk.  But you cannot underestimate
the value of this development.  The various investigations will
ultimately involve campaign finance violations and media
manipulation. Additionally, this Propagandagate has the beauty
of potentially taking out both wingnut media and selected
officials.  Sinclair (Swiftie) Broadcasting Corp is already
under scrutiny, as they hold William's contract.

So, just a few bright points to cheer y'all up.
Now, a loving slap to the head.

You real hysterical Dems need to think more about strategy
and stop expecting your elected representatives to carry on
like drama queens.  Stop blaming the VICTIM -- Kerry.
That is a right-wing attitude.  And the Skull-and -Bones
rumblings are just lame.

When you the reader loses at a game, contest or election,
do YOU grab the mic and claim the game was rigged?
Why would you expect John Kerry to?  Had he done so,
the Conyers report would have lost ALL credibility. It is far
more effective to let someone stand up FOR you, on your
behalf, rather than pleading your own case, particularly
where the truth of the matter is obscured, and the allegations
go to the integrity of the game.

So stop being such hysterical flip-flopping divas and stand
behind your guys.  This is a COMPLICATED situation, and
most of you damn well should realize it.  You cannot goad
Dems into committing political suicide, no matter how many
names you call them, and why would you WANT to?

The challenge was choreographed for MAXIMUM
ADVANTAGE. If you guys played poker like you play
politics, you'd lose your ASS every time.  Consider that
Kerry and Edwards might be holding their cards close.

Your yellowdog friend,

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