There was a letter to the editor in the Tulsa World about Doonesbury.

 "Camoflaged Garbage"

 Imagine my absolute dismay on Jan 27 when my son showed me the Sunday Doonesbury comic strip
 in which the character of a marijuana cigarette is touting the "safety" of the drug.

 It is absolutely inconceivable that the Tulsa World would allow this garbage that Trudeau has
 camoflaged as a "comic strip" to be placed alongside such children's favorites such as Peanuts,
 Rugrats and Dennis the Menace.

 My subscription rests with the Tulsa World's willingness to show discretion
 and responsibility in what you choose to present to my children.

 If you saw that particular strip, Trudeau pointed out that cigarettes kill 400,000 people a year
 and pot kills nobody every year, and this ditto-monkey doesn't want his kids to know that.

 I mean, why tell your children the truth about drugs?
 If you did, they might actually trust you for honest advice.
 But no, this is Oklahoma.

 It's better they learn the truth about drugs from the schoolyard dealers.
 That way, when their pot dealer tells them he has LSD, and it's "just like pot, but better,"
 those kids will stumble into all kinds of hell because nobody bothered to tell them the truth.

 The truth is "not all drugs are the same," and "some are more harmful than others,"
 but we can't let the kids know the facts because they'll want to do the less harmful drugs.

 Since I've been doing (six years on Feb 26) about 2,400,000 million Americans
 died of a little too much tar, ammonia and formaldehyde in their blood.

 Nobody died from pot, and this knucklehead wants his children kept away from those facts.

 People don't want to learn, they don't want to save lives.
 They want to live with voodoo, religion and superstitions.

 They still incarcerate people for smoking flowers that kill nobody,
 and they sell the drug that kills 400,000 people a year over the damn counter.

 I need a drink, which kills thousands more than pot, too...

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