Subject: Women smoking is sexy because...
I have a BA in Psychology so I'll attampt to take a stab at your query...

A freudian pychologist would state that women smoking is sexy because it brings about images
of fallatio in the male onlooker. Everytime a woman takes a drag or is holding the cigarette
"seductively" in her hand, the male subconsciously substitutes his dick for the cigarette.

You'll notice that the cigarette is always smoldering, never unlit.
This is to represent the "burning" desire within the male onlooker.

Non-freudians would state that we've beem conditioned to think it sexy because the images
that we are bombarded with are always of imperically good looking women (i.e. E. Hurley, etc.).
This statement may be more grouded in reality considering a dog (i.e. Laura the Unlaid)
would still look like a dog with or without a cigarette.

Though I subscribe to the second theory, the first is definitely more fun.

Will Cottrell

 Christina Applegate agrees with theory Number One.

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