Faun Otter vs. George W. Bush

                      Failing Whitehouse press secretary Scott McClellan had
                      this to say about questions from Helen Thomas....

                      “There’s a Difference Between Trashy Rumors and Journalism”


                      And what, my dear Scottie, were those rumors?
                      Let's run some tape of a press briefing....

                      Go ahead, Helen.

                      Q I want to revisit a question I asked you last week and you didn't have the answer -- you may have it now.
                      Did the President ever do community service while he was in the National Guard?

                      Want to see if it gets scrubbed? Go grab a copy at:

                      Wow, oh darn my socks - what a shocker!
                      Such language, such an accusation! It isn't as if Helen Thomas was suggesting George
                      W. Bush had ever flown around central America looking for....ummmmm..... errrr....
                      'plant nurseries' to invest in right at the time cocaine abuse was going through the roof.

                      What terrible internet rumor mill could possibly have launched such a nefarious story?

                      It turns out to have been the State department, run by that craven commie Republican hater Colin Powell...

                      During this period, George W. worked for a former partner of his father's, who had left the oil-drilling
                      business to start an agricultural company in Houston that had interests in a wide variety of things, from
                      cattle and chickens to tropical plants. George's job was to travel around the United States and to
                      countries in Central America looking for plant nurseries his company might want to acquire.
                      In the spring of 1972, he left this job and went to Alabama to work on the unsuccessful U.S. Senate
                      campaign of Republican Winton Blount. Returning to Houston, he became a counselor for African-American
                      youngsters in a program called PULL (Professional United Leadership League).


                      His work with Project PULL, Bush says in A Charge to Keep, gave him "a glimpse of a world I had never seen.
                      It was tragic, heartbreaking, and uplifting, all at the same time. I saw a lot of poverty. I also saw bad choices:
                      drugs, alcohol abuse, men who had fathered children and walked away, leaving single mothers struggling to raise
                      children on their own. I saw children who could not read and were way behind in school. I also saw good and
                      decent people working to try to help lift these kids out of their terrible circumstances."


                      So there you have it; an internet rumor from Colin Powell's State department and based on that fake
                      biography of Bush the Lesser, "A Charge to Keep."  Whoever approved that book should be dragged into
                      court and asked what they were talking about.

                      Your honor, I call my first witness, George W. Bush.

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