KGB by Mike Palecek
   Fiction, published by Publish America of Baltimore.

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"George Bush Jr. is a war criminal.
     Like son, like father."

 Fiction, by Publish America of Baltimore.

"Imaginitive and well-written."
     -Danny Schechter, one of CNN's first producers [before Nazification]



 Published by Algora of New York City.
  by William Strabala and Mike Palecek

"A book to inspire us all, because it looks beyond the false gods of  our time,
 the ruthless political leaders, the timid intellectuals, the stars of People magazine
- and tells the story of the bravest people in America."
                                 - Howard Zinn

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 Published by Algora of New York City.

"Joe Coffee's Revolution" - out now!

 Published by Badger Books of Madison, Wisconsin.

 A work of fiction based on Palecek's own run for Congress as the Iowa
 Democratic Party nominee in the Fifth District, 2000 election.

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