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Subject: Papa replies to bartcop

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Old BartCop
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Following is a lengthy email that is going to BartCop in response to his attack
on my character.  I am sending it to everyone who took the time to write me
with your comments, plus an unidentified friend who has an interest in BartCop.

1. <<<I accused the GOP, truthfully, of wanting to slash school lunches.
That's the truth, that's what they tried to do, that's what they wanted,
that was the plan until Clinton and the Democrats stopped them.

Once Clinton started screaming "They're cutting lunches," they backed off
and decided to do whatever the polls show America would stand for.

This trick is a Rush trick - I heard him use it today.

He starts with one verb, then squeals for a while, and like a good magician
by the end of the rant he's changed the verb and then claims "I told you so."
Papa, you're becoming a clever politician. >>>

 As I stated previously, "I'm not clever. You are.
 The GOPpers did not WANT to cut school lunch funding.
 They never had any plans to cut funding.

 They did increase school lunch funding.
 That is a fact.

 They did not WANT to cut school lunch funding.
 That is a LIE.
 Now admit it and we can go on."

 True, at my fingertips, I don't have the proof.
 I say it happened, you say it didn't.
 Wish I had a staff, wish I had time, with I had a reason
 to look up proof of that which I already know is true.

 To hear you tell the tale, the last thing a Republican would ever do
 would be to try to shrink the size of government. You seem to take
 that as an insult when I claim your side wants less government.

 End of case. I win! On to the next comment....

 Hey, that was a great debate tactic you just pulled on me.
 You declare yourself  the victor  then you attempt to move on to another topic.

 Damn, you're a slick one.


2. <<<I can't speak for what your school is doing, but you seem to be saying it's getting harder
every year to feed your kids. Is that what this GOP congress is doing to you?
Trying to take food out of the mouths of your children?
That means you agree with me, right?
Big-spender Clinton would throw MORE money at your kid's lunch program. >>>

There you go again. This time you are taking my words and reading your
own meaning into them. I am not saying that it is harder for me to feed my family.
What I did say is that every year my school's lunch program raises the upper
income level to qualify for free/reduced lunches. If the GOPpers were cutting funding,
the income level would not be going up every year.

Its hard to agree with you when you are always wrong.

My e-mail tells me you have a point and I mis-read what you meant to say.
I have no kids.  I wouldn't know a school lunch voucher if it married Newt.


3. <<<I notice you went right past the part where I said I was MORE CHRISTIAN
than those who fail to condemn Pigboy's incest fantasy about Gore's daughter.

Funny - you had a comment on money matters, but you skipped the moral matters.
Am I a better Christian than you, Papax7?

Why did you sit silent while your hero dragged Gore's daughter into the incest mud?
You, specifically, were asked to comment on Rush's incest fantasy,
but I guess that subject "slipped" your attention? >>>

I already replied to this, but let me do it again.
Just in case you missed it.

I will admit that your troopers really think you kicked my dairy aire.
I received several emails.

I can now confirm you have unread e-mails in my mailbox,
but I don't see where that gets you off the hook.

You have them bamboozled. I listened to your ram file and I commented on it.
That was my first email I sent to you that you somehow conveniently forgot to publish.
My mail program allows me to save all sent emails and I will cut out my comments.

ha ha

BartCop, Svengali.
When I find that original e-mail, your words to Rush will be scathing?


<<<Hey, Papax7, defend this no-class mother-effer, huh?

Did you know he used to kiss his mother with that mouth?

Mr. Republican just told us about the fantasy in his little pea brain where
America's Vice President shares a sexual kiss with his daughter,

...and conservatives want to lecture us about values?>>>

I listened to your ram file and you cut it off before Rush allegedly talked about
the "sexual kiss" with his daughter.

One of us is crazy.
If you didn't hear anything inappropriate in that sound file, I fear you may
be too far out to reach or perhaps making $20,000,000 a year..

What you did put in your ram file wasn't very nice and I won't defend it.
But as usual you got carried away and put far more in your diatribe than what actually occurred.

I don't get it.
I just re-played the damn thing to be sure.
He says "I know it's obscene," yet you don't hear anything sick?

If I keep this short, will you put it in your next BS, BA, or RL-AHHA?

No further questions.

For your info, this email was sent out at 4:37 PM Eastern. 8/25/00
The email that you did headline with was sent out at 4:41 PM 8/25/00

I did not hear everything that you allegedly said happened.
I don't comment on statements I don't hear or have a source for.

Papa, if you were Catholic, those last two sentences would be sins.

But I will expand on what your ram file contains.
It wasn't nice. Downright nasty, if you ask me. I won't defend it.

Defend it?
Defend it?

I'm asking you to condemn Rush's, did he put it?
Oh yeah, the thoughts he admitted "were obscene."
But there's that doggone hearing problem again.
If Rush wasn't saying anything onscene,
why did he apologize for the obscene thing he didn't say?

Now if you could supply me with the entire commentary,
and if what you say is true, not only will I condemn Rush,
I will use it as my lead story in an upcoming PCW and also post it on my web site.

I could put you in Sherman's Way back machine so you could hear it live
but as long as you have that hearing problem, what would be the point?
Tell me, Papa, if I said to you, again and again, "Monica who?"
you'd just tell me to go jump, right? 
Why don't your ears hear what Rush is apologizing for? say I cut it off too soon?
You must know what came next.

Now I am going to send this reply to everyone who wrote me and
I hope that you are man enough to post this email.

ha ha
I hope, someday, to get e-mail that's so overwhelming that I dare not print it.

As for the Noot comments, you are dead wrong AGAIN
and I will be forced to kick your dairy aire in an upcoming PCW.

I will comment on them later.

The above was the entire email I sent out at 3:30 PM 8/26/00


Last, but not least...

4. <<<Last time we had this kind of talk, you said you "weren't familiar" with the slur,
so this time I made sure to deliver it right to your front door.


Thank you. What you failed to point out, was that the "last time we had
this kind of talk" I went out of my way to find out what you were referring to.
I did find out about it and I replied to you. That was just one of many replies
you ignored for one reason or another. I have 15 email sent to you since
August 14, 2000. Now I realize you must be busy and I have been known
to overlook personal emails every now and then, so I assume you have
overlooked them also.


5. When you walked out of your house today, you had to step over the dirty, rotten,
scumbag incest bullshit that Rush said about the Gore daughters,
yet you pretend you didn't notice it?


I did notice the comment and commented twice on it now.
And if you can come through with what I asked for,
I will comment a third and final time.

That's another one on me.
I got what I thought was the "dodge" letter and wondered how
you could ignore the meat of the letter and harp on the trivial.


6. You Papa, like Bill Bennett, like DR Laura, like Michael Medved,
like allllllllll the so-called Christians, chose to remain as silent as a stone
while that awful Pigboy broadcasts his incest fantasies about Al Gore's daughters.

I am not Bill Bennett, Dr Laura, Michael Medved, or anybody else.
I will comment only for myself. But I will point out how some may say
you have a hatred and bigotry for Christians by your use of the words
"allllllllll so-called Christians".

Maybe I hold you to too high of a standard.
I don't think Jesus would claim,
"I heard nothing inappropriate in that sound file."

I think Jesus might condemn those sick remarks.
I think Jesus would wince and wonder just how far a human being
could go to throw another million on top of his little mountain of cash.
I think Jesus might be puzzzled why you've cover for the incest-pervert.
I'm fairly certian he wouldn't want those tampon jokes and blowjob jokes
and incest jokes and Chelsea the dog jokes done in His name, but then again,
who I am to presume what Christ might find tasteless?

BTW, DR Laura is Jewish. and Michael is either Jewish or a Messianic Jew.

Ok, substitute "religio-crazy" for "Christian" in this case.
By the way, do you think I dislike Christians because they're too honest?


7. Would Jesus Christ sit silent for Rush's incest fantasies?


No HE would not. Rush will be held accountable for every idle word he says.

ha ha
The Republicans will be held accountable in Heaven,
but the Democrats will be hunted by a special prosecutor here on Earth.

I wouldn't worry about the treatment that Jesus is going to give Rush.
I would be worried about your day of judgment.

There you go again, with your "forget Rush, let's talk about X and Y" tactic.
Boy, that's slick.
I have to remember that one.
I'll bet you could sharpen me up on debating tricks.
I think I could learn lots of slick stuff from you.

I am not worried because I am sure of my relationship with Jesus and my sins are covered.

If you notice, I've been holding back when I pummel you.
No matter what I say, I'd never want to take your faith away from you.
I would hate to win the big argument with you, because right now, in your mind,
you're holding a guarantee of eternal happiness in your hand.
I'd gain nothing bursting that bubble.


8. Every time we have a talk like this, Papax7, you fail to hold Rush accountable.


No I don't. Most of the time when we have these talks
it isn't about Rush. Its usually about GOPpers.

I'm tired.
I'll let you have that one, with that cheap dodge.


9. It looks to me like your allegiance is to Rush, and if there's any left over, Jesus.

Can you hear the cock crowing three times, Papa?
I can, and so can my dozens of readers. >>>


I am really hurt by these comments. How can you sit there and attempt
to judge me when all of this was caused by your overlooking my email reply.

Even if my mailbox caught fire, it wouldn't explain your giving that
disgusting pig a pass for rolling around in the Gore-and-his-daughter's incest talk
that you say you can't hear.

And how can you judge me for what you think is a splinter in my eye when
you have that big pine tree in your eye? Do I need to quote the verse for you?

I might have a pine tree, but it's not a hypocrisy pine tree.
Your hearing problems are taxing your credibility.
I mean, you're hearing the words, you're just refusing to admit
what those words mean when Rush strings them together.

Rush and I know why he apologized, but you're there with a pass
because he calls Clinton names and you don't like Clinton.

I don't need you or any of your readers telling me about Jesus.
My relationship with Jesus is set in stone and cannot be changed.
I know where I will be spending eternity. Do you?

ha ha
Here's the part where I don't want to win.

I worked 10 hours today. I am scheduled to work 8 hours tomorrow.
Its our 21st anniversary and I have spent about two hours responding
to you and your listeners. I do this because I am genuinely concerned
about you and your place in eternity.

If you spent two hours with me on the computer on your anniversary
you're as crazy as I suspect, so - I declare myself the winner!!

Hey, that's a slick trick!
It works pretty good!
Thanks for the slick debating trick, Papa!

I am challenging you to post this entire reply,
or at least admit that I did respond and you overlooked it..

Wait was there a tricky part I should've deleted?

Geez, this took a long time.
Was that your plan? To wear me down?
All you were supposed to say is,
"It's awful when radio entertainers use incest to get a cheap laugh,"
  but noooooooooooooooooooo.

You just can't "betray" Rush that way.

Papa, editor Papa's Cyber Weekly


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