Phase Four

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That's a joke, but I know there are some rich Hollywood liberals who read
and maybe they think this fund-raising is an attempt at humor - it's not.
If some well-off Clinton fan wants to see the crimes of the Bush Family Evil Empire exposed,
and maybe having some fun doing it, have a few drinks and get out your American Express.

Or if you think the Bill of Rights should still be in effect,

Or you think the top cop in America shouldn't be religiously insane,

Or if you think it's OK if all the oil in the world and all the gold in the world
    and the fresh water rights in California belonged to one small group of oil men,

Or you think Ol' BartCop, recovering Catholic with ADD and an IQ of 64 is
    actually smarter than man some call the president of the United States,

Or if you're non white - Koresh knows you need a louder voice.

Or you non-believers - people need to hear the message of science and logic,
     not that I am, but it's a goal I strive towards, like giving peace a chance.

Or if you're non-straight - Civil rights come first here, right after humor.

Or you women - "Woman is the nigger of the world," said Lennon.  It's true, isn't it?
     Is there a country on Earth where the women have equality?

I believe that as late as the 1970s, women weren't allowed to own property in Texas.
I did real estate loans (in Oklahoma) starting in 1979 and they told me mortgage loans in Texas
were easier to make because you didn't need the wife's signature on the mortgage deeds & papers.
If somebody knows the facts on that, please forward.

But when the GOP says they want to take us back to when America was great,
this is the kind of crap they're talking about - where broads, niggers & faggots knew their place?

I suggest we DON'T go there.
That's the kind of shit that gets fought here at

So, this is sweep weeks on television.
I said a while back that I wouldn't badger you for donations constantly.
I can't imagine what it would be like to think "fund-raising" every waking moment.
No wonder those bastards in Washington are so crooked and easily-bought.

...but I'm different!

Wanting to keep necessary fund-raising at a minimum, AND do it when something good
is distracting you, I thought TV Sweeps weeks would be a good time for fund-raising.

Everytime you see another reminder that all the cool people are donating,
you're guaranteed to have something big and new on your television that night.

Don't send in your kids food money.
Don't send in your bill paying money.
Don't send in any money that means anything to you.

Send in your gambling money.
Send in your stupid money - money you meant to throw away.
Send in your hooker money - be faithful to your wife, you scumbag!
Send me your church money!

Because I might be more honest than your preacher!

He says you MUST give 10 percent (Gross, mind you, not net) which is a TAX.
And if you don't?  ...he can't guarantee your safety in the afterlife, you sinning freeloader!
That's what Tony Sopranos's goons would tell you - "Pay us or die."

As far as the elderly, the young and those who depend on others, I was a kid once.
I remember what it was like to be absolutely powerless.
Bueno fortunado, I had the best parents in the world.
I'm rapidly becoming the elderly and I'm going to be fighting for them.

...and those who depend on others?
Unless we get hit by a bus, we'll all spend out final weeks in a bed, right?

So maybe advancing the agenda with humor is something that could catch on?
The pie is growing higher - but will we stay a whisper for years?

Sure would be nice to have a bigger megaphone...

And besides, you need some tax losses, right?
Your ledger could use a few "bad investments," to help hide that cash money you got, remember?

Consider donating to

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  PO Box 54466
  Tulsa, OK 74155

 Last thing:
 Contributions are not tax deductible, but remember:
 We get more hits here each day than the margin of "victory" Smirk claimed in Florida.
 If we can change just a few minds, expose a few lies, point out a few frauds...

 ...wouldn't it be something if we actually made a difference?  thanks these Phase Four Contributors:

 David Aselin
 Lande Adams
 Joe Bacon
 Joe Bartholomy
 Robert Baxter
 Christian Bell
 Jerry Berwick x2
 David E. Boldt
 David Bolton
 Dann Brown
 Rocky Carr   A small contribution towards that pair of socks for the pResident's Christmas present
 Derek Coffman
 John D. Cole II x3 *
 Eddy in Norman  bigger hammer/higher pie
 Robert Creasey
 Brandon Curtis
 Uberfem 13
 Alan Deikman
 Robert DeLeys
 Susan Dennis
 The Diehard
 Ernie DiMicco *
 Norma Diz
 Dog Folks
 Sam Duncan
 Thomas DeStasio
 Pauline Dragoo x several
 Shawn Dunaway
 Douglas Elliott *
 Faun Otter
 Carl Fortunato *  Good luck with the move, Carl!
 Fredric Freedman - Keep fighting the good fight!
 Joseph Frietze
 Freoderik in Hawaii x several
 L. D. Fuller
 Erik Gayhart **
 Gian Giacoppe
 Stephen Gillenwater
 Michael Gottlieb *
 Adam Greenwood
 Thomas Hackett - who wasn't home when I called
 Sarah Haggard
 Bruce Hakes   a Naderite who is NOT in the pay of the Evil Junta.
 Timothy Harris
 Brian Harwell
 Chris Hilbert
 Arthur Hinton
 Chris Hoffman
 Deborah Hornstra  - Thanks a lot for keeping it real, bartcop!
 This Thanksgiving I was grateful for you, Buzzflash, MWO, etc.
 John L Johnson
 Michael A. Johnson
 Keith Jones
 Jennifer Kavouras - The volcanic bartender in Cincy
 Timothy Kimble
 Allan Knutson
 George Krausser
 James Langdell
 Jeffrey Larsen
 Mark Lehosit
 Mac Guru
 Christopher Lyman
 Patrice Mack
 Leo Markosian
 Nancy Maynard x2
 William McIlfatrick
 James Miklasevich
 April Morgan x2
 Thomas V. Morris
 Jeanette Novakovich x2  freedom!
 Walt Owen
 Derek Parker x2
 John Payton
 Peter in Hughsonville
 Brad Pierce x3  donation to fight traitors
 Cindy Plant
 Mark Ploegstra
 Christopher Powe x2
 Jill Quick
 Ross Quinlan Jr
 Kathleen Ready
 Elizabeth Roberts   good works
 Megan Rosenburg
 Michael Roverse
 Dominic Russo
 Jane Sarosdy
 Kenneth Sawyer - Vietnam Vet
 David Schwartz
 Daniel Schwenk x2

 Serdar Yegulalp - who was here when there were only 15 readers.
 He also produced the best logo-graphic.

 Thanks, Serdar.

 Laura H. F. Simonson
 Thor Swift
 Jim T  who I failed to recognize before - sorry, Dude
 Robert Thompson
 Hermann Thoni
 Jeff Vandemark
 Francine Vidockler
 Donna Walsh
 Larry Walters
 The West Wing  (royalty payment)
 William Warner
 Ian Whatley
 Ricky Wigginton
 Michael Winfield  Donation to help defeat facism in America

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