Subject: Smirk's Legal Flip-Flop


 Here's the proof that smirk is a lying bastard,
 willing to execute innocent people to further his political agenda:


 HOUSTON, Aug. 14 -- Gov. George W. Bush  announced today that he would
 pardon a Texas inmate convicted a decade ago of rape, after new DNA
 evidence convinced even prosecutors and law enforcement officials that the
 man  should be freed.

 Mr. Bush will sign the pardon of the inmate, Roy Criner, on Tuesday,
 clearing the way for his release after serving 10 years of a 99-year
 sentence for the rape of a 16-year-old in Montgomery County, north of
 Houston. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, which rarely approves
 pardons, today voted 18-0 in favor of pardoning Mr. Criner, who is 35.

 "I agree with the Board of Pardons and Paroles that credible new evidence
 raises substantial doubt about the guilt of Roy Criner, and  that he
 should receive a pardon," Mr.  Bush said in a statement today.

 The governor also announced that he would pardon a second inmate, Ronnie
 Mark Gariepy, 41, who is on parole after being convicted of sexually
 assaulting his stepdaughter.

 Local officials endorsed the pardon after Mr. Gariepy's stepdaughter,
 who  was 13 at the time she said she was attacked, recanted her story.
 The  two pardons come a week after Mr.  Bush approved the execution of
 Oliver Cruz, a convicted rapist and  murderer deemed mentally retarded
 by defense psychologists.


 BUT SMIRK--You "personally" reviewed each of these cases....why didn't
 these individuals get the "...full access to the courts and... full access
 to have a fair trial,"?  As you said, "But I believe … we’ve adequately answered
 innocence or guilt [in every case].”  EXCEPT SOME, apparently.


 Factoid:  "Washington-based Death Penalty Information Center, a group
 critical of how capital punishment is meted out. "It's something, I think,
 that the country needs to look at, regardless of how they feel about the
 death penalty."  His group says 87 inmates nationwide have been freed from
 death row since 1973 because of wrongful convictions. Seven were from Texas."

 I guess those seven people who were released for wrongful convictions also
 had full access to the courts and a fair and impartial trial, right?


 What gets me is how the "liberal biased media" (there I go again...) is
 giving Shrubbette a pass on this.  Imagine the slavering and drooling had
 this been Gore instead of Boy Georgie.

 When are the media going to give the Texecutioner a thorough examination,
 and trumpet his hypocrisy, his lies, and his absolute unfitness to be even
 my paperboy?


 PS.  Big Bill gave a most impressive speech.
 I liked the way he told the Republicans, "You'll get nothing and like it!"

 ha ha

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