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From: j_masen@ameritech.net

Subject:   It's Been a Long Time

I have to admit that not getting the Email reminders allows me to forget
to occasionally check your sight. In receiving a recommended site from
a friend, I recalled yours, and then remembered that it had been a while.
After catching up on your offerings I also surfed over to a site you
recommended, Rackjite.com.

After catching up on you and visiting Rackjite, I decided to go one step
further and tune in to Rush and Laura on WLS here in Chicago. It had
been a while that I had listened because I had found Rush to be running
out lies that he could convincingly deliver while avoiding the frequent
contradictions he seemed to have increasing difficulty avoiding.
Laura (I refuse to call her doctor), had become too predictable.

But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Or in this case, it just allows me to listen to their idiocy with a renewed zeal.
Rush has lost his edge. He's become rich as hell in the last 8 years.
Clinton has served two terms, his popularity increases, history will look at his
accomplishments in a positive way, the economy is booming, we're at
peace, we broker peace and we still inflict fear. Its all good!

So what do I hear Rush trying to say?
What's good for America isn't necessarily what's best for America,
and what's best for America isn't necessarily what the people think they want?

Between February 13, and February 19, it seems you've written it, he's tried to
address it, and then you've have a rebuttal response. I listened to Rush and noted
that he had no callers, nobody piping in with the "Mega-Dittos" or shit like that.
It seemed that every time Rush tried to move to a feverish pitch in his argument,
he realized that either he didn't believe it or it was a contradiction he couldn't explain.
Simply put, rich fatcats like Rush don't spend their day listening to assholes like Rush
on the radio.  That leaves his target audience, and they've either prospered under
Clinton and are busy day-trading, instead of listening to his BS on the
radio, or their still listening and wondering why they missed the boat?

I mean, the man with the talent on loan from God, the person who should be
blindly followed, the one who'll always tell you the truth, the end for any further
search for truth or knowledge, if you're still tuning in and listening instead of
trading for that next hot stock, or one better, enjoying having sold the last hot stock.

If you're still sitting by the radio and muttering about liberals and Clinton,  then you've
let the rich idiot you're listening to completely fool you. Your lack of prosperity has
nothing to do with Clinton and everything to do with your listening habits.
The only way Rush has any reason to complain is that the perceived endless supply
of rubes who'll listen to him, may well be coming to an end.

BC, you wrote about McCain and Smirk, and I listened as Rush complained
about how the Democrats are going to vote for McCain. It was amusing as
I took what you wrote and then listened as he desperately tried to make
a reasonable argument or logical assessment. What did I understand?
Democrats are at the root of all successful conspiracies while
Republicans are always in need of a good and successful conspiracy.

The man has become pathetic. If his audience has a clue they've either
come to one of three realizations: He's rich and they ain't, and nothing
he says will change that. He's more wrong than he is right, and they
can't afford his being wrong when his being right doesn't benefit them.
Or that the man is entertaining in increasingly smaller amounts, the
more a person takes a serious look at the issues and how they affect them.

Laura was another matter entirely. I stopped listening to her before
because she was too damn predictable. Tuning in again I found a new
appreciation for her and her audience. Her audience deserves whatever
criticism she will invariably direct at them.

They are worse than sheep because I don't think sheep
pick up the scent of a wolf and then flock toward it.

If Mrs. BC suggests a weekend in Chicago to do the Springer Show,
you deserve whatever she tells America. People who call Laura
do so because they are looking for some sure-fire abuse.

What amazes me about Laura is that she would rip the perfect embodiment
of herself to shreds. Old Laura or new Laura, hell the Laura that awakes
tomorrow morning. If a perfect replicant were to call in and talk about
anything, the radio Laura would systematically tear her apart. Pick your
topic and Laura would find fault with it. The lady is a sick contradiction
who shows a side of America not unlike Springer. There are a lot of small
people out there who seek justification and gratification by doing things
that are debasing. Because they do it in a public arena they think that
elevates what they are doing our the perceived outcome.

Well, I've probably told you nothing that you don't already know, but I
appreciate what you do. I don't know if you're making a shitload of money
but I hope you're making some.

From the land of Governor SafeRoads, where no bribe was too small,
in the city of Mayor Little Big Man, where the word "clout"
gets confused with "clouds" as in there will always be some,

John Mason
Chicago, IL

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