Subject: Smoke dope, go psychotic

 Bart, using hemp byproducts is one thing.
 Smoking dope is quite another. Check this article.

 Mike C

Proof that smoking cannabis can make you psychotic

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THE MOST nostalgic of the 1968 emotionally scarred generation still believe
that there is no association between cannabis and psychosis.

That first sentence tells you you put your land over your lap
because a brainless thug is about to attempt to give you a handjob.

That's a nut-filled, Pigboy-type statement that sounds like it said something,
but look close - there's less to that sentence that Bush's Iraq exit strategy.

Some will even suggest that cannabis smoking is preferable to drinking alcohol.

Yeah, like a vast majority of cops, social workers, doctors, AA sponsors, etc etc etc.
Seriously, have you ever once heard of a man who got high on pot and beat his wife?

I'll bet, with the aid of the internet, I could name 10,000 men who beat their wives while drunk,
and I'll bet YOU can't find ONE man who beat his wife because he was high on marijuana.

This week, a leading police officer...

"A leading police officer?"
That has more holes than Bush's plan for America's economic recovery.

Note: As someone who doesn't have the time to check all claims made, I developed
a bullshit defense that barks like a chihuahua on Cuervo when I'm being lied to.

When they use phrases like, "a leading police officer" he's saying "I know a guy who heard a rumor that..."
That means his sentence, his paragraph and probably his entire article is pure horseshit.

...advanced the theory on radio that crushing cannabis smoking in a district was detrimental to both
the individualís health and to the law and order within the community.   He said that in his experience

"In his experience" is a world class qualifier.

In my experience, I've never seen the pope live when he was sober,

See how "in his experience" can twist any idea or sentence into saying whatever you want?
Either my point is valid or the pope is always drunk.

...the amount of cocaine taken in any one area is inversely proportional to the amount of cannabis used.
Come down hard on the cannabis users and the result could be that there would be a cocaine problem.

ha ha
This guy gets better pot than I do.
What did that mean?

Doctors who have been dealing with the ill effects of cannabis smoking were therefore relieved

"Doctors were relieved?"

Which doctors?
All of them?
The sane ones?
The Republican, faith-based doctors?
The ones who went to Oral Roberts University? read in the BMJ (British Medical Journal?) about a recent study (Where's the link?) of cannabis use,

...and its ability to precipitate psychotic symptoms in young people, especially if they had
already shown symptoms which suggested a predisposition to psychiatric problems.

ha ha
Ref, you gonna let this fight continue?
Did Ol' Bart ever once suggest we prescribe pot to kids with psychiatric problems?

You see?
They can't win on the facts, their product, their sales pitch in inferior to ours, so they have to
f-ing lie to the stupid, the ignorant, the weak and the scared to get somebody to believe them.
We own the truth, they own an unscientific, illogical fairy tale superstition!

Most medical practices have had patients who were young, bright and amusingly bizarre who appeared
to have a good future awaiting them, only to have it dashed once they started to smoke marijuana.

Oh just suck me.
We're a light year past normalcy here.
"Most medical practices" had "good future patients" who were "dashed" by marijuana?

ha ha

Can't you tell when you're being lied to?
I can.

There was a relationship between the amount of cannabis smoked and the likelihood that the user would
develop psychotic symptoms. The more someone smoked the greater the likelihood of psychotic symptoms.

I see your words, but you fail to show any evidence.
Leroy, this is the Internet - where verification is just a click away.
If anybody reputable stood by your horseshit, why did you fail to provide that link?

These symptoms are not always so serious as to be described as a psychotic breakdown, but even lesser
symptoms can affect the ability of a young person to do their job properly or to make good social relationships.

Because I have an IQ of 64, it's often late in the debate when I see I should've bailed earlier.
If I'm not mistaken, this nut just said "People do their job less properly when  high," so I'm asking,
Who said people could do their jobs better with pot than without? ...excluding entertainment, of course (cough)
And who said KIDS should be smoking pot?   Shirley not I.

The research published in the BMJ was carried out by psychiatrists in Maastricht in the Netherlands.
They took great trouble to adjust the findings for any confounding factors, such as concurrent use of alcohol,
cigarettes, or other drugs, which might have given a bias to results.

Oh please!
We have the biased reporter's Nancy Grace guarantee that "confounding factors" were taken into consideration?
I rather have 50 cents American than "this reporter's" guarantee.

The survey not only clearly demonstrated that exposure to cannabis during adolescence and young adulthood increased
the risk of psychotic symptoms later in life but also confirmed other elements of the anecdotal evidence related by GPs.

If that's true, why don't we have tens of millions of psychotic running in the streets?
Haven't 1/3 to 1/2 of all high school kids tried pot?
People started getting high in what, 1965?
Where are the teeming millions of psychotic grown ups?

It showed, for instance, that as has always been suspected the association between smoking cannabis and the development
of psychosis is much stronger if the smoker already has the type of personality that is associated with a predisposition to
psychotic disease. This predisposition was assessed after a psychological study of the patientís personality. Many doctors,
who havenít the skill and experience to do this, have noticed that a family history of a predisposition to psychotic diseases
also increases the risk for cannabis smokers.

Have I ever suggested that the mentally unstable smoke pot?
On the other hand, what would be the harm?
Pot is a SEDATIVE!
It makes patients more relaxed, more compliant.

Isnt that one of their arguments for why it must remain.illegal?
Because it saps the urge to jump up and take action?

It has been my habit to tell young people in families where this tendency is obvious that smoking cannabis may be,
and in fact is, undesirable for most students but it can be disastrous for those who carry these genes.

Nobody is arguing that.
If you need to study - pot will hinder most people.

If you have "evidence" than smoking pot is damaging for "some people,"
I won't argue with you until I see the evidence - but you don't f-ing have any!

My name's Tom, I'm a doubter.
I'm from Missouri - f-ing SHOW ME!

The results of the Dutch study confirms anecdotal evidence (That's debate talk for "worthless")
and three earlier studies (Blow me!  Where is your evidence?  Your'e making this up!) that cannabis
may precipitate a serious psychotic breakdown (It may snow in Maui tomorrow.) and can lead to
the emergence of less severe symptoms. These changes in personality can undermine someoneís
domestic life and career and lead to a lifetime of troubles.

ha ha
A fascination with Disney World could "lead to a lifetime of troubles."
Should we shut down Disney World?

People - are we learning anything here?
Words can be twisted - handjobs can be attempted - but they are proof-less.

Studies published five years ago also showed that the more cannabis smoked
the more likely a patient would be to develop cancer.

"Studies published?"

Hey, we're getting very near the end, and no doubt I'll get a dozen e-mails tomorrow saying
"You lost that debate BIG time," but anytime anybody - even me - says "studies show that..."
call them on it.  .

Regular light marijuana smoking more than doubled the likelihood of developing cancer of the head
and neck (this includes the tongue and mouth).

Who says so?
Why is your internet article evidence free?
Got facts?

Daily users of cannabis who smoke more than one spliff a day increase the chances of developing one of these
tumours by five times. If they both smoked cigarettes regularly and took cannabis the chances increased 36 times.

The monkey just said tobacco was seven times more unhealthy than pot.
Why, at the end of a senseless, illogical, hoseshit rant would he say something intelligent and true?

Marijuana appears as a stronger carcinogen than cigarettes, according to
Professor Li Mao, from the M D Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston, Texas.

No doubt, a big fan of The Monkey's Illogical Federal Reorganization.
Where is your evidence that pot smokers get more cancer than tobacco?
Surely, everybody sees that this Monkey is out of his mind?

Hey - ready for the BIG finish?

Although cannabis may not be as detrimental to the heart and cardiovascular system as cocaine,
researchers at Harvard found that the heart attack rate is five times higher for someone in the first hour
after smoking a joint than it is at other times.

Cite your source!
I'll bet real money there's no such finding by Harvard, as represented by this nut.

If this was even 20 percent true, Hannity and the Pigboy and Vibrator O'Reilly would be screaming
that at the top of their luings, but I've never even heard that wild-ass claim before.
Besides, this can't be anything BUT anecdotal "evidence."

Bottom line - pot is so harmless, the US government refuses to even study it.
They know from cancer doctors that pot can be a valuable tool, but they refuses to allow
professionals to run clinical tests because they are so afraid the truth might get out.

Think of the money the government makes by arresting, fining, taking to court, jailing people
who smokes a harmless little flower and bother nobody else.  Not only the government, but
the lawyers make money, the bondsmen make money - verybody gets to squeeze the little guy.

Since anybody can grow some, they had to make it illegal to make a profit from it.



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