Possible Theory

 I'm not saying this is true.
 I'm not saying I have any secret evidence.
 That word "possible" is there to give me deniability.
 I deleted a story someone sent me about the back of Bush's plane,
 then thought of this "possible theory," later. I searched for the story,
 but my ability to find things is so limited.

 The story basically said the reporters who travel with Bush got into
 some tequila  (I'd like to know which brand) and whipped up a "healthy batch"
 of margaritas while traveling with Smirk.

 They said they knew they shouldn't, but they decided to break protocol
 and take a vote amongst themselves over who WOULD win November 7th,
 not who they wanted to win.

 (The article explained, and remember this may not be true, that reporters who cover
 a candidate generally build up sympathy for that candidate and want him to win.
 I guess part of that is that editors don't assign big critics to cover campaigns.)

 I remember the numbers 25 and 6.
 Six was the number of reporters who thought Smirk would win.
 25 was either the total in the group
 or the number of reporters who think that Gore would win.

 The article didn't actually come out and say this, but I wonder if they were sending
 a signal that they know something we don't know?

 Pretty much everybody says Gore has this won without breaking a sweat. I am among that group.
 Last week, Rush was so proud of being on Chris the Screamer's show that he played
 a clip of Matthews saying, "All the networks show Gore with a big lead," so Rush
 countered with, "I know of two polls that show Smirk ahead."   Fine.

 The point is, the Gore victory seems certain.

 Do they know something we don't know?

 Remember a loooong time ago, (sometime after impeachment) bartcop.com  readers
 knew and everyone in Washington knew that Newt was having a sexual affair.

 The story WE had was that Newt paid "hookers" with his American Express card.
 Some inside people told us everyone in the press knew knew about Newt and "the hooker,"
 but nobody would touch the story because they were waiting on Larry Flynt, waiting for
 Christmas to be over, waiting until after the elections - everybody had an excuse.
 Everyone knew, but nobody would print it.

 Turns out, she wasn't exactly Newt's "hooker," but Newt was paying for hotels and meals
 with this obviously-not-his-wife woman, and EVERYBODY knew, but nobody told.

 I take that back - everyone knew except Marianne Gingrich.

 What does this prove?
 It proves the press can keep a secret.
 How could anyone deny that?

 If that's in dispute, then maybe  bartcop.com  was the ONLY "news outlet" covering
 this amazingly impossible current events anamoly - that the Speaker who orchestrated
 the immorality impeachment against our president was out screwing on his wife?

 I think you'd agree the former makes more sense...
 The press CAN keep a secret.
 What does that tell us?

 Do they know something?
 Do they know something that's going to happen in the next 29 days?
 Was the margarita story a device used to let us know they knew ahead of time?
 What do they know?

 Is it going to happen Wednesday night?
 Will it happen in the second debate?
 Will Larry Flynt and his "abortion story" play a role?
 Gore doesn't seem worried at all - what does he know?

 Does he have some inside information?
 Are "they" waiting for the exact moment to spring "the surprise?"
 Does Gore have a guaranteed-to-throw-Smirk question?
 Would Gore, for instance, ask Bush,
 "How many times have you been married, Governor?"

 That'd be a show-stopper, wouldn't it?

 ha ha

 Is there a mole in Smirk's campaign?
 Did Gore get some secret information from the FBI?
 Is there a trap set for Bush?

 What if Gore has Bush's attendence record from the Alabama National Guard?

 Somebody is waiting for something to happen.

 It feels like a basketball game.
 The score is very close - Gore has the ball.
 He's dribbling, staring at the clock, watching it count down.

 Smirk needs a foul, the clock is ricking, but focus groups are telling him
 "Don't you foul him!"

 Meanwhile, Mean Al is still dribbling, watching the clock, tick - tock.
 Somebody knows something, don't you think?

 What was the purpose of the margarita story that started all this?
 They admitted they were on shaky ethical grounds doing this, not to mention
 being bad guests to their host, who was giving them a free drunk, but they
 admitted it and they also admitted it was a landslide of major proportions.

 What do they know?

 Why are they so certain?

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