A Message from Christian Livemore, bartcop.com  publicist

Hey folks,

In our ongoing effort to get bc the big hammer he needs to pound King George
into the ground like a polo stake, Ray Coleman and I are working on a press release
to try to draw some attention to the site.

We’d like to include in the press release a few quotes from readers
(quotes that we can use on a continual basis) telling why they like BartCop so damn much.

So if you have a few minutes, e-mail me at christian06@earthlink.net and let me know
what you like about the site, why you keep coming back, or anything else you want to say.

And the more specific the better.  “BartCop kicks ass” is a nice compliment,
but we’d like to get a little more detail if possible.
As your English teacher would counsel you in writing a term paper on the subject:
In what ways does BartCop kick ass exactly?
Use examples.

And try to express your thoughts in two or three sentences at most so we have room to include them.
Think of it in two parts:
1) What do you like about BartCop?  and
2) What would you say to somebody who’s never read the site to convince them to go check it out?

And remember, I may include some of the quotes in a press release to media outlets,
so make sure you let me know if I have permission to use your quote.
And give us your name (first name is okay), or a name we can attribute this quote to.
Letting us know your profession and where you're from would be cool, too, so we can say,
“Shelby, a taxidermist from St.Paul, thinks BartCop kicks ditto monkey ass.”
That way, we can show that BartCop has a national audience.

Also, if you have a PR background and want to help out, or if you know a
local newspaper editor who might run a story about BartCop or your college
newspaper or any other media outlet you can think of, let me know that, too.

Thanks for the help, folks.
Together we can grow the BartCop hammer higher.


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