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Bart has recently decided to enlighten his readers even further by adding a
Radical Feminist to the mix, what a guy! This column will appear indefinitely,
whenever the passion hits. Which lately, has been quite often.  So please,
join me as I delve into the more feminine side of worldly news.

Anyway, here goes…

I recently found the most dreadful website at http://www.mttu.com/abort-pics/.

This website has dedicated itself to displaying pictures of dead fetuses in hopes of
attracting voters to dubya. You can only trust one candidate, they claim. (Unless a baby
is born with a barrel of oil in its mouth, I doubt dubya truly cares.) What I find so interesting
about this website is that they forget to take the whole picture into consideration, as usual.

Would a scared woman with a doubtful future be more willing to bring a child into a world
where there will be no social or economical support for her? Or would she be more willing
to have a child, knowing that aid is available when the sperm donator decides to take a hike?

The answer to this question lies in a recent study conducted by the Alan Guttmacher Institute.
You see, each year the CDC reports the total number of abortions performed and this number
continues to decrease for a variety of reasons. The Alan Guttmacher Institute found that
while abortion rates are going down overall, they continue to increase among a select number
of women… the economically disadvantaged.

So while Bush is giving all he’s got to billionaires, his tactics are actually raising the number of
abortions performed each year as the number of economically disadvantaged women increases

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