BartCop Radio Show Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How long are the shows? You know, 10 minutes or two hours?

Most shows (there are 99 so far) are 100 minutes to two hours long. Sometimes I get windy and it goes to a third or even 4th CD, making it 250 minutes or longer.

 2. Are they downloadable mp3's?   I am Mac and have troubles with Real Audio and Media Player at times, although Media player is more stable now it is Gates and his house of cards is in trouble right now. Holes, patches, back doors etc.

They are available as streaming MP3s or downloadable MP3s.

 3. How often are the shows posted approximately?

We aim for 3 to 4 shows a month. Lately output has slowed, but I have an excuse that'll be revealed in BCR Show 100. We're over that hump AND my new metallic p-popper-stopper cuts post production in half.

 4. Are they always available?  Yes.
     Always posted?  Yes.
     Don't know how far I'll go back but nice to know.
    Is there any description to tell what is on a show in general? A main topic?

Many shows have descriptions, but not all. Sometimes the rants ramble from subject to subject, like a conversation would.

 5. Are they call in? I have a feeling the answer is no since there is no schedule I can see when someone knows to call so is it one person talking?

We have a phone number for people to call to be on the show, but many shows contain no calls at all. We wish more phone calls were broadcast-worthy, but most are directed at the host instead of being directed at the audience.  If you would like to be on BartCop Radio, call in with a short rant, a joke, your verbal impression of someone in the news or your take on a current story.  We'd like to run more phone calls, but most of them are "Thanks for the page, and I like your radio show," stuff that's not really what the average listener might want to hear.

For about $1600, we can get a fancy phone hybrid thing to take live calls, but we're hesitant to invest because the calls I'd enjoy getting most are calls from Republicans so we could tangle, but they seem to be fixated on Hillary's genitalia and my having oral sex with African-American men. If we could get the right to concentrate on something besides the sex lives of Hillary and myself, I'd put that phone hybrid  on the Bart Card but so far we've seen no evidence the Republicans can get over their sexual fixations.

 6. Is it only PC? Can you consider mp3? they are so easy to make.

That's what we upload - 56K-bitrate MP3s.
There are hi-fi-stereo versions available, the 3 most recent shows (six CDs) delivered for $24

Reader, do you have a FAQ we need to add to these?


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