This whole   thing had to arrive sooner or later (It's been later).

 Is this an example of a typical BCR show?
 No.  We don't even know what a typical show will be yet.
 All this is, is something besides "BCR is Coming Soon."

 We're all very tired of hearing how BCR is "just around the corner,"
 so while this isn't what you'd call great work, maybe you'll see some potential.

 Also, these contain the new "Instant listen" technology, so the clips start right away.
 You pay nothing extra for that.

 Click  Here  to listen to Part One, 23 minutes, which is mostly the "Hello" and the front page.

 Click  Here  to listen to Part Two, Six Minutes, the Money Section.

 Click  Here  to listen to Part Three, 22 Minutes, on Sports and Travel

 Click  Here to listen to Tally Briggs, 2 minutes, the Weather Vixen's report.

  Visit her page at

 I thought her piece was embedded in one of the sections, but there have been so many remixes
 and format conversions that my head is spinning, so I'm just making sure it gets in the first show.

 Click  Here  to listen to Part Four, 13 Minutes, Entertainment.

 Click  Here  to listen to Part Five, 13 Minutes, the News

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