Some comments & questions from the Radio poll:

 REAL Radio would be MUCH better

 True. But nobody's going to hire us without a track record.
 If we do 30-40 shows, and start to get good at it, we might get an offer on real radio.
 If we could get people to eventually tune in and listen live, instead of clicking on the
 archived version, we could show stations/advertisers that we can draw a crowd.


 That's good, because I can't ask real guests to be on until I know what I'm doing.
 I'll bet the people I call my good friends might agree to be interviewed,
 but I'd have to get some experience first.

 BC I voted yes! but this poll is as biased as a bunch of freepers asking if
 they think pResident W-ithout brains is smart enough to be a leader.

 ha ha

 Sometimes you people are hard to figure out.
 I still don't know why that John Lennon anniversary deal only got 280 hits out of 8,000.

 Why wait! ?
  I didn't know there was such a place until now.
  I went there, don't see any signs saying "Get your own show!"
  Besides, this deal I'm looking at now is pretty much ready to go, waiting on me.

  Hey, try it a couple of times. If it sucks, forget it..

  Exactly, this could easily blow chucks.

 Wait till Election '02. Ride the anti-Smirk surge, It's still too early.

 ha ha

 It'll probably take me until then to get half good at it.
 With this page, there's lots of "do-overs," but not on live radio.

 I don't go online to listen to the radio. Most ideas are better conveyed in text.

 This will be a tequila-fueled treehouse.
 All we can do is give it a shot and see what happens.

 I'm dying to hear your Okie twang

 I knew it.
 Everyone will tune in at least once, just so they can say "He sounds like a dork."
 My buddy Jay in Fayetteville says I have a "rat-like" voice.
 The only place my voice has ever gone before was on the 1977 Zeppelin in OKC bootleg CD.
 That's me saying, "Light that joint," during  Since I've been Loving You.
 Hey, it was Zeppelin.
 If you're not going to fire one up for Zeppelin, when you gonna fire one up?

 I don't have sound, and I enjoy reading anyway.
 Besides, how would you do the great cartoons on radio?

 Maybe we could replace the cartoons with phone calls...

 You must have a fast wit to do a show though, no time to think about a response.

 ha ha

 Flaw in the plan!
 Could be the first sign of real trouble...

 Don't be like Rush.
 Print is a better medium and it allows you to speak more clearly on subjects.

 I see your point, but the verbal hammer can get pretty vicious.
 I can't wait to debate some ditto-monkey without typing my answer out.

 would like to see you on tv

 I sent my picture to Marty, and he said I had a face for radio.

 Bartcop, Audio would be great and I'd like that,
 but nothing, nothing can replace your webpage & its written content!
 Regards, Rayne Poussard

 Rayne, the BartCop fundraiser!
 The webpage isn't going anywhere.
 Right now, if it looks like it's going to work, Perkel says he can turn the old
 into a credit card porn site, to raise the money needed for the radio show.

 Just kidding.

 I probably put sixty hours a week into this (I know it looks like 6, maximum)
 but I think the radio deal will take no extra time at all.
 I can't do radio from work, so that's 40 hours a week, at least, to put into the page.
 Besides, the radio thing should be without a net, with little or no prep.

 The new place is cool but I really liked the old text bartcop that came in the mail.
 But keep growing, keep going, and keep the hammer swinging.

 The old newsletter was so different from this page.
 Towards the end, I was taking 3-4 weeks to produce a single issue.
 Now I'm doing an issue a day, and it's all seat-of-the-pants.
 The old newsletter, I'd re-write it and re-write it to death.
 That's why it took so long, I always felt it needed more.
 This way, I just type and hit "send."

 Would Mr Bartcop screen your callers? ;o)

 That's confusing, because there's just one BartCop, but the only calls I'd want to screen
 are the people who want to describe Hillary's genitalia - those people. (Lots of them out there)
 But it wouldn't be very entertaining to take screened calls.
 I want people to call and bitch at me for my "crazy ideas" so we can argue.

 Oh, I just thought of something.
 Maybe, after all these years, I'll finally get to cross-examine ditto-monkeys,
 force them into a box and make them eat it.   Live!
 With print, they can just refuse to answer.
 Oh, this could fun!

 Have plenty of guests.

 ha ha

 I'm not sure that was a compliment, but OK.
 We gotta figure a way to have babes on the show, too.

 Maybe if we heard a voice sample, BartCop could sound like Mike Tyson.
 No one could listen to that for long.:-)

 Good point!
 I think I sound like a real dork, and to make things worse, Marty, who's the brains and experience
 on this flaming Hindenburg, was a radio guy for 25 years and he has a voice like f-ing James Earl Jones.
 Plan A is for him to be Ed McMahon and he'll intoduce the half-wit with the Okie twang.
 What's really important is for everyone to set their expectations reeeeeeeeal low.
 You figure no matter what, the first ten shows wil be extra, extra bad.
 I expect to hear "Give it up, dumbass" a few hundred times before we get going.

 tell me more; I'm not sure if I'll like your taste in music,
 but I'd certainly tune in for "The Rest of The Story.....Neighhh".

 ha ha

 That's a good point to address. I won't be doing music.
 Hell, we'd have to pay for that, I think.
 I will have a theme song, tho - it's killer!

 It'll be talk show.
 I think we'll try to fix what's wrong with Pigboy,  (No screening the calls)
 and fix what's wrong with Stern (Too crude, body function stuff etc.)
  - but I wood like to spank some lesbians)

 We can mix some news, phone calls and tequila with some Catholic guilt and see what happens.
 Whatever we think the show will be like now, it won't be like that.

 I read your page at work, and don't think I'd be able to listen
 to "talk radio" while working - I wouldn't be able to concentrate on work...

 We plan to archive the live stuff, so you can listen later.

 Why stop at internet radio...what about syndication?

 That's the plan, but we gotta walk before we run.

 So what do you plan to broadcast?
 Another excellent question.
 My first inclination is to just take the page and change it into audio.
 We can still do quotes, and news, and phone calls instead of mail.
 TV and movie reviews should be fun, Sopranos talk and West Wing talk. has to be national
 No, worldwide.

 I would recommend that you have Bernie aka Larry as a regular guest

 ha ha

 Can do, Bernie.


 So the plan is to start doing some practice shows - see what works.
 Maybe if anything's worth saving we'll put up the link.

 Wish me luck...



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