Subject: Subliminable Rats

 i was watching the RATS ad a couple times thru, frame
 by frame in parts, and noticed a couple of other
 things about it, that make it seem...if not orwellian,
 then at least manchurian canidatian.

 i had read a news story about the ad, where a bush
 spokeswhore said that the ad also showed the word WIT,
 and they certainly wouldn't want people to think that
 Gore was a wit. i went looking for whe frame with WIT
 in it, and there was none. But, what there was, was a
 frame that shows the words INTERFERE WITH centered in
 the frame over a shot of Al Gore, which is in the
 process of fading.

 it's odd, in that INTERFERE WITH is centered. with
 both words about the same length, although WITH, being
 the shorter word is in larger type, it's totally
 unlike anyof the other montage frames, and Gore's face
 is right in the middle. it's a frame that took a lot
 more work to assemble than the RATS frame.

 there are at least six layers to this image:
 2. WITH
 3. Gore on tv screen
 4. Capitol building
 5. prescrition bottles
 6. sound track
 there is no way that this was unintentional.

 the background scenes continue to fade, until it is
 black, so that by the time you get to the RATS frame,
 you have stark white type over a dark black
 background. it's a very creepy looking image.

 and as i understand it, the subliminal part of this
 would be to make a vague subconscious "connection"
 between Al Gore, and an uncomfortable mental image; so
 that when you think of Gore, you feel uncorftable, but
 you don't really know why.

 it's crazy to think that these two frames could be at
 all unintentional, considering the money spent, the
 length of the spots, and the technology that is used
 to make these spots. they're put together frame by

 i know that there is no conclusive proof as to the
 effectiveness of subliminal(subliminable?)
 advertising, and i don't think that whoever made this
 ad was trying to use sublimination to send a message,
 so much as try to be a smartass.


 ps- regarding the topic of the ad, drug costs, wasn't
 it about the same time that prescription meds were
 allowed to advertise, that the prices starting
 shooting thru the roof?

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