You're about to see something from Michael Reagan's website.
I'd say it's an 8 or 9 on the porn scale - and it's on Mike Reagan's website.
(Mike being Saint Reagan's son, the man who makes millions parroting
 his father's money-making yada-yada about family values.)

I'm serious,
if you're a grandmother or a kid, this is nearly as far as you can go, porn-wise.
...and it's on Mike Reagan's website.

Besides, it'll trap your browser and you'll have to hit the "x" in the upper right corner,
but this is truly awful, and you'll want to get out as soon as you get there,
...and it's not even Britney Spears in the faked ultra-graphic porno.

Why do I do this?

It's not for the porn value. This has no porn value. It's just sick.
    It's worse than watching a cowboy spit tobacco into a Tiffany flute, and that's a clue.
It's not because I think Ron Reagan is a porn master
   (But if he approved this, the world's going to find out before the sun goes down today :)
No, my best guess is that Ron got a little greedy and accepted a link that wasn't checked out.
   Listen to me - this isn't for you to see. It's for the other former hard rock club owners
   who've seen everything and aren't easily sicked by ultra-degrading group sex.

Here we go:

In my opinion, this is worse than the urine crucifix.
So, you've been warned - don't write and say "How could you?"
I'm exposing Mike Reagan's perversion, his greed, or his hypocrisy, you decide.

From: cvosburg@pacbell.net

Subject: Michael Reagan website provides helpful links to pornography

1. See Michael's site at  reagan.com

2. Click on 'Guest Info' under heading "On the Radio" at left margin.

3. Near the bottom of the list presented is a link purported to lead to Dolly Kyle Browning's website,

4. Prepare to be surprised at where this link leads...


 Pretty sick, wasn't it?

Why would Michael Reagan have that on his site?

Remember: Blame goes to Reagan!
                     If I reveal the Reagan perversion, don't call ME the pervert.

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