From: Tim

 I admire your work, but I'm turned off by your mockery of religion.
 I am not religious myself, but I cannot stomach seeing my mothers' deeply held beliefs degraded so.
 You may believe "the blood of Christ remover" to be cute or satirical, but it repels me.
 I am certain I am not alone.
 I am with you all the way until you move away from politics or opportunistic pretend religiosity.
 Tim Welsh

 Tim, sells wine remover.
 They tell us wine is the blood of Christ.
 I guess I'm guilty of thinking that's funny.


Screaming eagle feedback

From: Mikhail

Let's see what science and logic says about the Invisible Ghost:

Historical science says that Jesus guy really existed and was crucified.
And that after his death the Christian movement began in the city
where he died near the time that he died.

I'm with you so far...

Logic says that 12 disciples making up a story that Jesus rose from the dead--and giving
their lives up to poverty, torment, and ridicule for what they KNOW is false in order to lie
to the world about what was most important to them and thus go against everything their
teacher ever stood for--is ridiculous.

We disagree on that.
Just a couple of years ago, about 25 religio-nuts in San Diego castrated themselves,
then donned Nike shoes and drank poison to get on that Hale-Bopp comet, remember?
By your rules, they really did get on that comet and ride to Heaven, right?

Logic says that a bunch of people becoming so convinced that some guy rose
from the dead--in the very time and place where it could be most easily
disproven--that they would throw away all their Jewish traditions is ridiculous.

You can't bet on the religio-crazed people to do what is logically sound.
Every suicide bomber in Israel is certain he's going to be in Heaven in one minute.
How could he be wrong if he's willing to risk all?   That's your position?

Logic seems to say to me that the most believable explanation for the facts is that
this guy really did rise from the dead.  And nobody can do that but our Invisible Ghost.
Clearly my IQ must be below 64 and I need a dose of your superior logic, in the worst way.
What really happened on that first Easter morning?

ha ha
Is this a gag?
Artie, is that you?

Are you saying if you put a dead body in a cave and roll a big stone up to the entrance and check it
the next day and find the stone moved and the body gone that that's proof of life after death?
By any chance do you work for the Boulder, CO detective squad?

Remember that part in the Bible where God asks somebody to put his baby on the altar
and sacrifice that baby to God?  I forget his name, but he said, "Sure thing, God!"
Then he put his baby on the altar and took out his knife and as he was about to murder his son,
God grabbed his arm and said, "Kidding, Dude! I just wanted to see if you'd really do it."

The point of the screaming eagle story was if you're ever forced to chose between the lives of your
children and your religion, God would want you to save your children. I feel terrible about the carnage
in Israel, but I also know that those people could move to safety if they wanted to - but they don't want to.

People might move away from the screaming eagles, but they insist on living in the country
that's surrounded by tens of millions of Arabs who want them dead at any cost.

Wouldn't they be happier in Jersey?

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