So, Roy Black, Rush Limbaugh's attorney writes this back to me in response to my letter to Rush.
He alledges that I'm State Attorney Barry Krischer using an alias!  I love it!

Subject: Fwd: Re: Rush, your website says one thing, but the truth is different
Wed, 14 Apr 2004 07:19:48 -0700 (PDT)
To:  Dean E

Subject: Re: Rush, your website says one thing, but the truth is different
From: "Roy BLACK" <>

Wed, 14 Apr 2004 09:18:49 -0400
To: <>

Dear Mr. Krischer: Why are you using an alias now?

Apparently, Dean's letter struck a nerve, so Rush forwarded dean's e-mail to Roy Black,
who jumped to a wrong (and silly) conclusion and fired back this letter to Dean, thinking
Dean was.State Attorney Barry Krischer using an alias.

Dean's original letter to the vulgar Pigboy:

Dear Mr. Limbaugh:                                                         April 13, 2004
On your website,  under the section titled... "the very latest,"
you have posted recklessly a link to a story printed in The St. Petersburg Times  in which
you claim that Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, Betty Castor
has claimed that she will "get Rush Limbaugh off the air."
Since I have donated to Betty Castor's campaign and admire her, I took it upon myself to do a bit o'research as the Irish say.
I've searched the article you've posted from top to bottom and not one thing about you or your show is mentioned
in the article at all. Are you now lying in print as well as on the air?
Rush, are you back on the Oxycontin again? Having delusions of paranoia?
Afraid big bad Betty Castor is out to get you?
You really are pathetic.  And as any good criminal attorney will tell you, you really should shut your pie-hole
when it comes to talking about the ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by Palm Beach County
State Attorney Barry Krischer. Mr. Krischer is only doing his job in investigating you. But he's a registered
Democrat, so therefore according to you, he worships Satan.  All right then.
We are all aware that your legal minions are fighting in court about the way in which your medical records
were seized(with warrants)  by Palm Beach
County State Attorney, Barry Krischer. No doubt you will fight this case all the way to the Supreme Court
because you you have no choice now that you have refused to take the plea offer that the State Attorney
offered you recently whereby you would have paid a fine and maybe been sentenced to five years probation.
You can't admit you are addicted to smack and pay poor people to buy you your dope. And you could have
gotten off with just a slap on the wrist.
But no, Rush that wouldn't do. Once you thought you were mistaken, but you were wrong.
Remember when you said on the air a few years back that "Those who buy and sell drugs should be sent up the river!?"  Well Rush you'd better get your paddles out
cause you are fixin to swim upstream in a river full of crap. And do you know what they do to middle aged balding
white men up there up the river?  They make them squeal like a pig! Squeal piggie!  Sorry for the "Deliverance" flashback.
But seriously Rush, Republicans like you who despise and demean the dreaded trial attorneys, quickly went out
and hired the infamous Roy Black to defend you. About Roy Black, you declared this many years ago on your show,
during the William Kennedy Smith rape trial: "Folks Mr. Kennedy has hired famed criminal defense and trial attorney
Roy Black. You don't hire Roy Black unless you are guilty, folks."  So does that mean you are indeed guilty El Rushbo?
Trial lawyers, who fight for people who have had the wrong leg amputated by rogue surgeons.  Trial lawyers, who fight
for WW II Veterans trying to compensated for contracting lung cancer from inhaling dust from the type of paint that was
contaminated with asbestos used to paint the warships they served on during their tours of the Pacific. Trial lawyers,
who represent women who have endured double breast mastectomies because a Radiologist read their x-rays wrong.
Those bastard trial lawyers! What about Bush vs. Gore? Looks like George Bush hired what? A TRIAL LAWYER
to bring his erroneous claims before the court.
Look, even if you get off on the doctor shopping charges (which you shouldn't because you WERE treating with four
different physicians who were all writing you prescriptions at the same time for various narcotics) you will still have to
face money laundering charges. What money laundering charges you say? Why Rush, I'm glad you asked. Remember, you made 30 to 40 withdrawals of $9,900.00
in cash over a very short period of time, to pay for the illegal drugs not prescribed to you? You made withdrawals in this
amount because withdrawals in this amount do not have to be reported to the IRS. Only when one hits the $10,000.00
mark is a financial institution required to report the withdrawal to the IRS.
Shrewd business man or addicted junkie? I guess we'll let the courts decide.
Then, we have to deal with the fact that you gave your former maid, Wilma Cline, a payoff of 80 to 100 thousand bucks  to keep mum about the fact that she was buying enough
drugs for you to kill a large circus animal.  There are also recorded voice mails that you left Ms. Cline on her telephone
answering machines inquiring about when you could expect delivery of your packages (drugs).  Those tapes were turned over
to the Palm Beach County State Attorney by Ms. Cline willingly. She also turned over dozens of emails from you to her
(which were printed in the National Enquirer) which document you begging, pleading for your fix. I believe this would be
called obstruction of justice, another felony.
I genuinely think Ms. Cline was worried about your health, Rush. And this is how you repay her?  You've learned nothing in rehab.
You need to go back and do rehab again.  It is apparent from your website that you are paranoid. It is obvious you are a very angry individual.
I know you are scared to death of losing that $25,000,000.00 mansion on Palm Beach.  I know you are terrified of losing the
10 year $250,000,000.00 radio contract that you currently are about 5 years into.  I'm sure you are nervous that your third wife,
Marta, may leave you if you are convicted.  Ah, the wages of sin.
You know what else I've noticed Rush?  When you used to disclose to your listening audience a fact that may have a financial
or numerical detail included, you would always snidely say at the end of your diatribe, "For those of you in Yorba Linda California
and Palm Beach Florida, that means.....
I've noticed you have dropped Palm Beach off of that statement lately. Only Yorba Linda is now included. Is that because you,
yourself are a Palm Beach County resident? And you are even registered to vote here in Palm Beach County.  Guess you didn't
want to be COUNTED with the rest of us here in Palm Beach County. You didn't want your ditto heads to know about your
mansion here in Palm Beach because that might paint you as an elitist. Which you most certainly are. Indeed.
Well, I'm glad I've had the opportunity to debunk yet another lie on your website.
I may not be able to fight the world with half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair, as you claim you can, but I do know
what you really are: a man in pain, conflict, denial and filled with indignation at a system that has dared to hold you as accountable
as any other patriotic American that might have gotten busted for an addiction to prescription painkillers not prescribed to him.
Good luck at holding onto your empire.
And the next time you or one of your imperial web masters posts a story on your website accusing someone of daring to criticize you,
please do your adoring fans a favor: supply them with the truth. That's the least we should be able to expect from an entity such as
yourself who claims to "have talent on loan from, God."
Get the door Rush. God's come to reclaim his loan.
With interest.
Dean E
West Palm Beach, FL

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