I Found It

 Years ago, I claimed I had this tape of Jack Ruby - confessing!
 Last time I saw this tape broadcast was 1978.

 Nobody ever mentions this tape, but it's for real.
 When they do a JFK retro-spective, they NEVER play this clip.


 When JFK Jr died in 1999, they ran every conceivable Kennedy clip,
 but not this one, perhaps second only to Zapruder in historical weight.


 This is one of the most important sound clips of the century,
 and NOBODY has this, so download, listen and save it on your hard drive.
 This is history that nobody wants to admit exists.

 I claimed I had a video tape of the real Jack Ruby, standing before a judge
 cryptically explaining his role in the conspiracy to kill Lee Harvey Oswald.
 Why haven't you seen/heard this tape before?
 Why is the  bartcop.com  website bringing you this Rosetta Stone of JFK's murder?
 Why didn't you get this from CNN or NBC or CBS?

 While going thru my Lennon's-been-shot tapes, (I tape everything, have for 20 years)
 I found this copy of a copy of the "Ruby confession" on cheap tape.
 It was lost because it was labled "RFK."

 This is an audio tape copy of a video tape I have - somewhere.
 When I find the videotape, I'll webcast it, but this proves the tape exists.
 I know  bartcop.com  is a comedy page, but this is as "Swear to Koresh" as I can be.

 You want to get a copy of this.
 Nobody has this tape.
 If anybody else had a copy of this, you would've heard it by now, right?
 Nobody can tell you this isn't real because it is real.

 Make a copy, on your hard drive, so it doesn't get lost in the future

 Click  Here  to  save it forever  on your hard drive as an MP3 (recommended)

 I also saved it in wav format for when the networks call,
 but you've never heard anything like this before.

 This is the real Jack Ruby, I've seen the film myself - I have the tape, saying that
 the real truth will never come out because the people involved are too high up
 in government
and had too much to lose so the truth will remain buried forever.

 Gee, it sounds a lot like the Iran-Contra pardons.

 ...and don't even try to tell me this is a fake.

 I'm old.
 I know what Jack Ruby looked like.
 I know Jack Ruby, I saw this broadcast myself.
 This isn't some e-mail I got from The X-Files's Lone Gunmen.
 I saw this live and recorded it on a little 1977 Radio Shack Walk-Man type deal,
 and when they broadcast it on TV I got a videotape copy, too, but its "un-cataloged."

 So why isn't this tape in general circulation?

 What's the press's excuse for you having never heard this tape before?

 Sure, you can always say "Ruby was lying," but he was dying so maybe he was telling the truth.
 in any event, why wasn't this tape broiadcast the week of Nov 22, 2013?

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