Does Rush read

He said it again today.
I was busy moving cars, ...making important calls, ...negotiating with sleazebag LA repo men,

I need a few minutes of your time if you're a big shot LA lawyer and would enjoy busting the balls of a
crooked-as-Cheney LA repo man who grabbed a car for me, the legitimate and legal lienholder, and then
commenced to "begin negotiations" like I was Russell Crowe and this was Proof of Life.

Seriously, e-mail me with your your cell number right now, or we'll have to pay the ransom.
If that fails, I need the names of some on-line LA hacker/gang members who accept PayPal.

...when I caught a little bit of Rush, the "miracle boy."
(were the Catholics involved? Rush can afford to be cured, he has millions)

He said, "How about some more cock news about Clinton?"

Then, once he gets the shock value of speaking the truth, he explains that "cock" is spelled C.A.C.
It stands for something, I forget what, but I think the A.C. is "about Clinton."

...but why would the vulgar Pigboy want to give me that sound bite?

"How about some more cock news about Clinton?"

What is he, nuts?
No, he's crafty more than nuts, so what's his game?

Do you think the vulgar Pigboy is addicted to  like my stalkers?
If my stalkers can't live without reading  each and every day - how could The Truth Molester?
I'll bet that son of a bitch is reading this right now.

Hey, Pigboy!
You're a disgrace to humanity.
Why don't you lock yourself in a closet with a Luger and do the right f-ing thing?

...better yet, why don't you do a roundtable with the adults sometime,
instead of insisting on sterile confines and hand-picked toadies to baby you?

Hey Rush, here's a question - why is it, in the Decade of Clinton, you never once
got onstage with James Carville, Paul Begala, Elenore Clift or Lanny Davis?

Could it be because you have balls like BBs when the other guy has a microphone, too?
Could it be that your whole schtick is being a pompous windbag that any child of 7
could deflate with a scintilla of logic or common sense?

Is that why you ONLY go on-air with hand-picked toadies like Chris Matthews?
Is that why you ONLY go on-air with hand-picked toadies like Tin Russert?

Have you ever been on the air with a serious journalist, Rush?


I've been listening to you (but not buying any products from sponsors) since about 1991,
and I can't recall you ever being in the room with ANYBODY likely to challenge you.

Is it because you're afraid?


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