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Subject: America is crashing and I tried to warn you undefeated fuck sticks

Just say Permaculture once you undefeated spoiled little prince pink  tutu wearing bitch. 
Bart wears the biggest Pink tutu of them all!!!!!

Frank Zappa cant write for shit, That sucked as a joke even. What hit  record did Zappa ever have? 
Na Na na na na Oh my bad that was Ted  Nugeant another fraud like Zappa? That's a song? 
Maybe for a shit  pile of ears like Bart. Hmm lets go listen to Shirley, Is that your  trailer trash daughter? 
You have no talent for music dude.

Stop writing about Zeppelin. My father wrote a song for them. 
You do  not deserve to mention their great name.

I understand now, you are not creative.

I crush you time and time again with my creativity.

Go live in your denial you festering scapegoating trailer trash white  "nigger" 
from Oklahoma. lol Chris Rock said I could say it when its  appropriate.

Pooor Bart loves eating mutated corn with his tainted milk . 
No  wonder hes a walking cancer stick.

I hate this country. You deserve what you get.

60% of the house dems voted for that disaster capital bail out.

Oh ya , you never mention that one either. (disaster capital Amerikka)
What would happen if Obama were to tell Amerikka that they are  profiting on disasters. 
And that you lost your soul. You would call  him a commie.

Go blame the repugs they are truly as evil as you are.


Bart, you see, I am testing the waters, I really believe that the  media will never report a solution. 
Whether its a film festival or a  media channel or Bartcop, Alternet, Common Dreams, you refuse 
to  offer solutions. Only report disaster.

You are part of the problem Bart. So If I call you a nigger, it still  will not have any effect.

Unless I was a separatist evangelical right wing lunatic Tim MCveigh  with no solutions, 
then I would be unveiled, then I know for sure I  would. But because I promote community 
designs and want to help  people. Forget it huh Bart? You cock sucking fraud.

So I am going to talk as bad as I can to be heard. You and your  consolidated press machine 
of frauds will never acknowledge the  movement of permaculture, or challenge me in my hatred 
of Amerikka. I  will crush you if I ever get heard. I bet you, that my hatred and  anti Amerikkkan
bashing will never get heard because it stands on the  substance of truths that would shatter your imperial game.

You are not who you say you are. So go ahead, kill AMerica with your  censorship you pig fucker.

I thought about reporting Russell to his boss, since he sends that incoherent hate 
from his work server - but it appears Russell is

Geez, aren't you glad your boss isn't this unstable?

Russell, have a good life.

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