Episode 8
The Crisis Turning

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Previously in "Saecula:” An elite Republican cabal conspires to fix the 
2008 presidential election, but its plans to embezzle money from the RNC 
are uncovered and lead to murder.  Democratic congressman Jack Stibik
and his mentor, Professor Gar Reynolds, reunite. Martys, Jack's twin brother
and Delta Force veteran, visits Annapolis. Congressional hearings begin on
the disasterous Islamic war.

Today, Democratic Congressman Jack Stibik's mentor, Professor gar Reynolds, 
testifies on comprehending 9-11 and the Islamic War in light of The Saecula

The hearings were not going well for the Republicans. Even their two co-chairs had been knocked off balance
by Scott’s assertion, and had lowered their invective in the face of overwhelming public anger that the administration 
had not at least considered peace talks. Although the White House continued to deny the accusations, its credibility 
on the War was scraping bottom. Spokespersons had pounded home its resolve that America could not trust Islamic 
terrorists and terrorist rogue states, but it didn’t wash in the face of Russian and European tranquility. And, the détente 
wasn’t just the result of inability on the part of the Jihadists. England had suffered three major terror attacks over the 
same period of time.

As the lowest ranking of the four co-chairs, Jack’s witness led off the wrap-up session. Gar would have to be 
extraordinarily erudite and pugnacious to offset the Republicans’ advantage of appearing last. He’d soon know. 
Senator Hollingsworth was in the process of bringing the hearing room to order and asking Jack to call his final 
witness. Following Jack’s introduction, outlining Reynolds’ impressive vita, Gar gave an impassioned review of 
Western-Islamic relations stretching back more than 20 centuries.

Muslim historians knew that the war between themselves and the West had raged, on and off, for centuries. 
The Roman Empire, and prior to it, Alexander the Great, had occupied the fertile crescent before the time of Christ. 
Most significantly, in all that time, while Europe continually invaded, occupied and exploited the Middle East, and 
bribed, overthrew and assassinated Muslim leaders, Islamic forces had captured western territory only three times. 
The last Muslim incursion into the West was 600 years ago, when the Ottoman Turks occupied Greece and the 
Balkans. Before that, the islands of Sicily, Sardinia and Malta were held by the Saracens in the 11th century, 
and Spain by the Moors in the 8th and 9th centuries.

Gar outlined the atrocities of the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church’s villainy during the first three Crusades, 
and the German, French, British and Imperial Russian conquests of the 18th and 19th centuries. Finally, he charted 
America’s and Europe’s “velvet colonialism” of the 20th century as they expropriated Middle Eastern oil through 
bribery of the ruling sheiks.    He definitely had the panel’s, the media’s, and the gallery’s attention.

“Americans may wonder how today’s hostilities seem to come out of nowhere. For the Islamic freedom fighters 
we call ‘terrorists,’ this war has been going on with the West since before Christ. The present battle began in 1917, 
when Britain seized Baghdad for its oil after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. In fact, today’s terrorist tactics are a 
direct result of America’s awesome supremacy. When a besieged people are so overwhelmed by conventional 
warfare, they have no choice but to use unorthodox methods to defend themselves.

“Imperialists no longer fly the Union Jack, the Tricolor, or the Hammer and Sickle over third world countries, 
as Britain, France and Russia, in various guises, had done for centuries. However, the corporate flags of British 
Petroleum, Royal Dutch/Shell and Exxon Mobil are just as intrusive as foreign marines and tanks guarding the
palaces. Cozy relationships and offshore bank accounts set up for compliant officials are just as effective as bullets 
and torture. Riches beyond belief, never seeping down to the people whose land was being pillaged, have accrued 
to American corporations and their acquiescent corrupt regimes.”

After a concise synopsis of Saecula theory, both orally and in written handouts distributed to all in attendance, 
Reynolds introduced the main thrust of his presentation.

“Will history record September 11th, 2001 as a deadly aberration or, as with April 4th, 1775, May 6th, 1857 
and October 29th, 1929, the initiating event of a Saeculum Crisis? William Strauss and Neil Howe, in “The Fourth 
Turning,” traced patterns of recurring ‘Saecula,’ or cycles, each lasting about 80 years, comprising a High, 
Awakening, Unraveling and Crisis. It is apparent to anyone that America went through a High in the 1950s, 
an Awakening beginning in the mid-1960s, and a long unfortunate Unraveling of its core values during the 
greedy me-decades of the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“Strauss and Howe’s interpretation of social history places the next cyclical Crisis beginning in the early 21st century. 
According to their timetable, a period of Crisis begins approximately 80 years after the initiating event of the previous 
Crisis. From Lexington and Concord in 1775 to the Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision in 1857 precipitating the 
Civil War Crisis -- 82 years. From Dred Scott to the 1929 market crash setting off the Great Depression/
World War II Crisis -- 72 years. The September 11th attacks match to a tee predictions made years before. 
The World Trade Center/Pentagon strikes occurred 72 years following Black Friday.

“Although the natural rhythm of the Saecula requires that a Crisis must occur, nothing predetermines its magnitude. 
Only with the perspective of history can we know what alternative measures cooler heads might have chosen if the 
ultimate consequences could have been seen. In a climate of uncertainty, misunderstanding and emotional rage, 
small sparks can easily ignite flames of cataclysmic proportions.

“Would the militiamen have fired on British troops at Concord and Lexington merely to protect their small cache of 
weapons had they known their actions would put into motion America's War of Independence? At the time, the vast 
majority of colonists had no intention of overthrowing British rule. Future events, notably Canadian independence, 
would demonstrate that a costly and bloody war might not have been necessary to gain the same constitutional 
prerogatives. Would Americans on both sides have engaged in the years of demagoguery, or would they have 
found peaceful solutions had they foreseen the carnage their acrimony wrought in the War between the States? 
Would Allied leaders have imposed harsh penalties on post-World War I Germany if they could have predicted 
that the direct result of their spiteful revenge would be the catalyst for Hitler's rise to power?

“I have no doubt that September 11th was the initiating event of a 15 to 20-year long Crisis that could include 
continued attacks on American soil, economic disruption, destruction of our basic civil liberties and possibly even 
nuclear or biological devastation. What will history tell us about the alternatives we do not presently wish to pursue? 
When one views American social history through the prism of Saecula, and comes to understand the natural desire 
of Islam to free itself of historic western imperialism, you must ask yourself if Senator Scott’s disclosure might not 
be that alternative the administration does not care to see.

“The lesson of Vietnam is not so much in the quagmire, but in the truce. Fifteen years after the last American death, 
there we were trading with the same Communist government that in 1965 we determined was worth expending 
58,000 lives to defeat. How many lives and how much annihilation will it take this time?

“The Saeculum Crisis Turning is inevitable; it is our choice how America responds that will determine a positive 
or negative end result.  Will the High of the next Saeculum be one of recovery from devastation or euphoric 
cooperation among former enemies.”

Next in “Saecula:” The Vice-President's "A-Team" sets in motion the 
ultimate October Surprise, a terrorist attack upon the nation.

by  Martin Gresko

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