Right in the middle of my calm and respectful sales pitch.
 I remember the dirty trick that those motherless whores from Slate Magazine
 pulled on the always innocent  bartcop.com  and MWO.

 Angry side rant

 If you post a death threat to Bush & Cheney, Slate.com will find it and act like  bartcop.com
 and MWO make up the "Deaththreat Capital of the Internet,"
 the motherless and clueless whores.   Jesus, there are 848 issues of  bartcop.com  (with maybe
 another 800 sub-pages) and with all that, those ratings-hungry sons of bitches pick out a post I've never seen
 on a not-then-yet moderated forum from thirteen months ago and try to label us "terrorists" over it?

 Hey Slate - blow me!
 You try to pin that on me?

 Guess what?
 It won't work, because I won't let you!
 Who do you think I am - Al Gore?

 This is the same unfair tactic the incredible sinking Salon.com used to try
 to discredit MWO and  bartcop.com  remember?  This back-stabbing hag,

   "Hi, I'm Jennifer Liberto.
 I'll do anything for a story."

 ...took some e-mails that MWO readers sent to Aaron Brown, (By the way, Jennifer,
 how was MWO supposed to censor private e-mails that MWO readers sent to Brown?)
 and tried to hang MWO with them.   What an unpricipled slut she is, that Jennifer Liberto.

 If Slate.com takes one more step in my direction, I'll slam them with The BartCop Hex,
 which means they'll end up in the same condition as Salon.com, Tiger Woods and the Unelected Fraud.

 Hey, Slate, you want a piece of me?
 You think I'm afraid of your bully tactics?

 But what gets me the most is - there are so many rich millionaire bastards with big hammers,
 (like Fox News, Limbaugh, Andy Sullivan, Ann Coulter, Hannity, O'Reilly and the rest) but whore
 publications feel like it's their job to fuck with the litttle guys who are telling the truth, instead.

Do your f-ing jobs, you scumbags!

 Go after the real threats!

 You don't need to attack small, private websites that aren't in the top 30,000 of all websites.
 What the fuck is wrong with you?    If your balls get all swollen and you feel the need to rape somebody,
 why not go after some lying millionaire-whore conglomerates instead of the little guys who have to hold
 day jobs so they can afford to even be heard?

 If I had a few hundred people on my payroll the way Slate does, maybe I could dig up
 some wild-ass post that some punk wrote thirteen months ago and scream,
"Slate.com is assassination central"
 with the biggest hammer Bill Gates could find. he's the owner over there, right?

 Hey, Gates, you want a piece of me?

 You think I'm afraid of your bully tactics?
 Guess what, Billy?
 All my software is licensed!
 You can't do shit to me!

 You wanna try?
 C'mon - let's see what you got!

 You and Salon are way bigger than me,
 but I've got the truth and you're lying.

 My truth will beat your lies all day long - wanna test it?

  Now go on, and take your punk ass on outta here -- while you still can...

 (...does a shot...)

 (...does another shot...)

 OK, OK, I'm starting to calm down again.
 Damn, right in the middle of my calmness, I have to get this off my chest...

 (...does another shot...)

 Back to the calmness

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