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  From CQ Monitor News (wish I had the URL)

New CBO Projections show shrinking long-term surplus
  By Mary Dalrymple, CQ Staff Writer

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 Jan. 23, 2002 - The Congressional Budget Office has reduced its estimate of the federal
 budget surplus over the next decade to $1.6 trillion from the $5.6 trillion

 Can you believe that?
 The Bush Family Evil Empire has stolen (or lost) FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS?
 But, of course, the big story is John Walker, a dopey kid from Marin County.
 Why should the press report Bush stealing TRILLIONS when we can obsess over some dopey kid?

 If Gore had chosen to fight for his country and democracy, that $5.6 trillion figure might have held up.
 But President Stupid and Greedy stole the election AND, apparently, the $4 trillion.

 It's a good thing Bush didn't mess around with an intern.
 It's a good thing we have a "decent man" back in the White House.
 This country didn't need that missing 4 trillion dollars, ...noooooooo, ...not at all

 We paid 4 trillion dollars for the weakest and stupidest president in history?
 And the Commander in Thief is only 1/4 thru his term?

 Let's see, ...even with my Catholic math, that means we should expect $16 trillion to be missing
 the next time we cast our ballots, if we chose to waste our time with such a fruitless gesture.
 I mean, what if Scalia thinks Smirk deserves a second term?

 ...and the press refuses to cover Operation Enduring Handjob.

"We fooled them all.
  Tony gets his check, Renqui gets his, and the people just have to eat it.
  We have their 4 trillion and we've only just begun to plunder.

  ...and thank God we own the press and the senate Demoncrats."

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