Bartcop Is An Idiot!!!!!!
  by Kelley M. Simich

Please read all and respond and don't delete it if you don't agree.

Is it OK if I just respond to the goofy stuff?

You have on your web site "What Would Jesus Do?"
He would not be a Liberal Democrat or a Democrat period.

Of course he would.
Long-haired and shoeless, Jesus spent his whole life with the poor and the left-behind.
Jesus didn't drive a Lexus, did he?
Did Jesus own stock in Enron?
Did Jesus demand a huge tax cut on capital gains?
Did Jesus live in a big house surrounded by walls and guards?
Did Jesus believe in trickle down economics?
Jesus stood for peace and love, hardly Republican ideals.

He also wouldn't read your web site either nor indorse it.

You speak for Jesus?
Can you get me the point spread on tomorrow's Rams game?
I'll cut the Catholics in for 20 percent,, make it a third.

You, are an airbag full of Nazism talk, not full of helium the good stuff,

I will try to obtain more helium.

That's to (he means too) good for you, but with hydrogen,
you might blow yourself up like the Hindenburg, if your (he means you're) not careful.

Democrats are fucking clueless!!!!!!!!!!
Let me see here, can you say John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Teddy Kennedy.

ha ha
Yes, I can. I really can.
I wonder if the man some call president can say those names...

John F. Kennedy ticket (sic) using his friendship with Old Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra and the Mafia
and the Union's to get him to office, then turning around and bringing charges upon them and to
appear before Government Hearing's after he get's into office.

Wait, you're mad that he embraced Sinatra or that he cut him loose?
And how would you compare Sinatra's character to, say, Bob Jones?
Remember how Weak & Stupid embraced Bob Jones, then cut him loose?

He deserved what happened to him along with Bobby and for Teddy...

Spoken like a true Republican.
What time is your "fair & balanced" show on Fox?

...killing people with his car driving skills and using his power of the
Kennedy Family to get him off and I think his best friend is Alcohol.

ha ha
I'll give you a dollar if you can diagram that mean-spirited sentence.

John sold himself to the Devil and then tried to fuck the Devil over and was killed by the Devil.

No, John was killed by Republicans in the CIA.

People that think the Kennedy's are the Camelot of America, my ass!!!!
King Arthur didn't get his kingdom from selling his soul to the Devil, like John F. Kennedy and
running booze like his father.

ha ha
Tell me, which is worse:
Running scotch to thirsty Americans or running Stinger missiles to Islamic Jihad?
Does it hurt when you step on your Tom Delay that way?

King Arthur got his kingdom from his faith, strength, strong mind not a weak mind and he was a leader of men.
Yes, Jack was too in WWII  and was a great man at once, but lost to the Devil.

Note: This is a true and accurate letter from Kelley M. Simich
I did not write this in an attempt to look smart by comparison.

Teddy Kennedy and Family are "Fake Roman Catholic's." I'm not saying
"I'm the greatest one either, but I'm not a "Fake" one either."

That last sentence...  Who are you quoting?
Is this your first time writing a letter?
I didn't want to mention the obvious Catholic education on display, but since you brought it up...
And why do you think one weekend Catholic has the moral authority to call another weekend Catholic's faith "fake?"
Is this another example of you speaking for God?
Get me that Rams score, would you?

Bill Clinton is a total fuck up!!!

Yeah, he screwed us into eight years of peace and tremendous prosperity.
Good thing we had a genius like President Happy Crack to reverse this country's direction, eh?

Hilary Clinton and her philosophy "It takes a village to raise a child" my ass it
takes the family of the child to raise the child.

Kelley, you may be pregnant because you just skipped a period.

Have you read Bob Dole's book?
When he came back from Italy, he was so shot to hell he said it took the entire town
of Russell, Kansas to take care of him because, swear to Koresh, (you ready for this?)

...he was so poor he had to shave the family dog to sell the fur!

Swear to Koresh, that's a real quote.
That, my friend, is poor!

So when you write to Dole and ask him why it took a village to raise him,
verify that fur-selling story and you'll see it's true.

Village - meaning the government, master of the plantation, Hitler with the Hitler Youth
breeding the ideals, philosophies and breeding it so deep that all they know is nothing,
but him, to serve him and follow him to death, because they want to belong and fit in and
be his army and his new SS for the future.

Yeah, it could mean that.
Or it could mean when your barn burns, the neighbors pitch in to help you rebuild it.
It could mean that the town gets together to hire a qualified teacher for the kids,
and a qualified policeman to secure the town, and a qualified doctor to cure the sick.

"It Takes a Village" is a great example of a harmless sentence that your handjob masters
have turned into the most vivid example of the vile and despicable First Murderess.

...and you say the Democrats are all about the politics of personal destruction?

I wonder why should I let the Democrats do that. I don't want to depend on the Government for
raising me and in their control. I'm not a slave and don't plain on becoming one for the Government.

So, how do you feel about losing the Bill of Rights and the right to have your vote counted?

It's like this, keep the people dependent on the Government and they will become Government Dependent Slaves.

Did the nuns tell you it was important to capitalize nouns?

I'm on Government Assistants (he means assistance) right now,
because of medical reasons and I'm not strong enough to work,

So the village is taking care of you?

ha ha

You're not helping to pull the wagon.
You want a free ride in the wagon.
That would make you, ...what's the word, ... a freeloader!
A freeloader and a leech - feeding off the hard work of others.
That's the problem with you braindead Republicans.
Gimme, gimme, gimme - I want it, I deserve it, so gimme gimme gimme.

That's socialism, Sir, and I won't be a party to any socialist experiment!!!
What happened to rugged individualism?
What happened to self-reliance and hard work?

I have a question for you, Kelley:
Was America built by freeloaders riding in the wagon?
Was America built by whiners who complained all the time?
Was America built by greedy weasels who always screamed gimme gimme gimme?

...but am getting better every day I think, so I can get off and back to work,
I don't want to stay on this my whole life I'm 32, but it's been said by my doctors
it could be a possibility I might have to, not because I want to and I'm grateful for it.

What a leech - sucking off the teat of those who are willing to work.
In Rush Limbaugh's America, you'd be told to get up off your lazy ass
and get to work or just go fucking starve because we don't care!!!!!

Social Services - Telling the parents how to raise and discipline their child and if not
they will be taking away until the parents apply with the "rules set down by the government."
Yes, they protect to a certain extent, but now day's if you look at your child wrong, bam you child
is taken away, it seems like, now do they know the better way to raise you child or do you do.

Hey, Einstein, social services is paying for your freeloading ride in the wagon.

...and what does "bam you child" mean?

Pro-Choice and No Pray in School - Keep the education, morals and values
low and the people and the government can manipulate the people easily.

No pray?
You said you were Catholic - and you didn't get to pray in school?
I don't care if you're pro-life. If you don't want an abortion, have the kid, Kelley.
But if you don't want the government telling you what to do,
why do you want laws that force a woman to have her rapist's baby?
And why do you want the government in charge of your child's religious education?

Don't you have a clue how nuts you sound?

I have a question for you, Kelley:
When it comes to abortion and school prayer, do you want more or less
government restrictions of your family planning choices?
Your answering options are "more" and "less."

Guns and NRA - Stalin's Russia - 1917 and Nazi Germany to name a couple, who wouldn't let
the people own or have guns in their homes. Take the guns away from the people and the government
will become your enemy your worst enemy. What would have happened to Jews and people of Germany
from 1934-1945, if they had guns at home nothing would have happened to them, if anything have happened
they could have fought back. NRA a great organization. Amendment II "A well regulated Militia, being
necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Well, I own guns, but I don't think the insane should.

I have a question for you, Kelley:
Have you ever passed a  sanity test?

President Woodrow Wilson - Democrat the 28th President of these United States of America from
1913-1921 was a member of the KKK, who was just one of many of 15-20 million Americans,
which included Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Statesmen, big wigs in Corporate America
and professors during his time of Presidency.

John Ashcroft, appointed Attorney General by the man some call president,
is currently a member of the KKK and the CCC.
So, what's your point?

African-Americans and Mexican-Americans - Why do they need to ad the
African and Mexican in front of American, they don't. There just separating
and distancing themselves from the rest of America.

<snip> I'm getting tired.

They are not even given special treatment like the Mexicans who come over
from Mexico, they have special forms, bulletins to let them know where to
go in government building and for alerts, applications for work, and
they can watch t.v. in sap, etc..... in their own language

<snip> yak, yak, yak

Abortion - Is a lack of respect of life. Hell, a women get's pregnant
she say's "let's go have an abortion, fuck it, I can have more later in my
life and if it happens to me again when I'm young and I don't want it  I'll
get another abortion, fuck it."

Dude, you already covered abortion, remember? It's in your "pro-life" section, above.
You're going to get back with me on your answer to the question: 'Do I want more or less
government restrictions concerning family planning?'

<snip> yak, yak, yak
The entertainment value of your letter is dropping like Halliburton stock.

America is for freedom. Everybody has the right to rise and fall from the top and business has the right
to raise and fall, whether it makes people rich or poor, if people were hurt from Enron it was, because
they were given bad advice and didn't follow the market and believed what the top people of Enron
were telling them (like Democrats),

ha ha

it's like when your adviser takes care of your retirement fund and reports a 400,000 dollar lose (he means loss)
the adviser won't have any blame for it, just way the market and the bad advise was given for your account
and it's the way the ball bounces.

The way the ball bounces?
You're freeloading in the wagon like a leech and asking others to take care of you.
Gimme, gimme, gimme is all I've heard from you.
How did the ball bounce in your case, whiner?

You say "Bush has something to hide about his relationship with Enron."

Yes, I said that.

What about the Clinton Administration and their relationship with Enron,
check into that why don't you. Republican and Democrats alike got monies from Enron.

Yeah, but Clinton didn't stack his administration with thieving Enron board members.
Bush is doing to America what Enron did to their employees.
That's why he's got Enron's top screwmasters there to show him how.

The Democrats cluelessness goes on and on and on.
Kelley M. Simich - Republican and proud of it.

Kelley, I must say, I'm glad the children were here to witness this.
Oratory like yours doesn't come along very often.

Get back to me on that Rams score, would you?

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