Laura the Unloved Considers Presidential Run
  Most-hated slut says she may run for president.

 In a story hitting newsstands this week, America's most popular female talk radio host
 says she might seriously consider a run for president if Hillary Clinton decides to do so.

"If Hillary ran, I would have to run against her," Dr. Laura screeched in a recent interview
 with James Hirsen, as though anybody ever heard of him. She described Mrs. Clinton and
 her husband as being "perverse, disturbed and destructive and immoral."

 Laura said she was worried Mrs. Clinton would be considered a role model for young women.
"Children should look up to a moral person - like me," said the country's most famous harpy.

 You should thank your lucky stars that I don't publish this picture as it is.

 First, you vomit, then you laugh at this self-important whore, calling a respected
 senator vulgar names when she's the whore who spread her legs for a camera.

 Laura, how could you do this to the children?

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