'When a Chimp speaks' State of the Union contest

 Subject: State of holy f-ing shit

 Dear BC:
 Perhaps Haliburton will develop Iraqi oil to enrich Bush $ Co as well as finance
 the coming crusade to spread Democracy at gunpoint throughout the world.
 Our president is mad and the Congress is a house of fools.

 Scott Parrish

 Subject: tie game

 ted kennedy mvp


 Subject: SOTU


 The pResident said (with a straight, ok...only slightly smirking face) that he did not
 want to pass our current problems on to future generations.  Um...isn't $1 trillion in
 deficits passing the buck (literally) to future generations?


 Jeff, yes!

 Subject:  The sign helped immensely

 You know, even though I can't send you a picture of
 the "State of the Union" sign, the damned thing worked.

 I had several friends over (to sip Chinaco of course--savor those flowers)
 and we all agreed that the combination of fine tequila and the sign on the TV
 while Junior Doofus was beating his gums on C-Span made the whole
 experience much more palatable.

 He's a lying asshole, and he's not the president either!

 Subject:  The State of the Union

 I just finished watching our leader vent his spleen on cspan.
 A couple of  things that I observed and I'll bet a lot of others did as well:

 bush looks small - he seems like your little buddy who was really small and
 everybody knew he was small AND when he was doing his imitation of a
 50's late show movie announcer with a B grade thriller on his hands.

 Keep the hammer high!!!

 Bob, I must be older than you.
 When I see "Little Buddy," I can't help but think of the Skipper talking to Gilligan.
 I'm sure at the White House, they don't let President Gilligan touch anything,
 lest he screw up all the hard work the adults did trying to get them off the damn island.
 Gilligan and Reagan are the most hands-off presidents of the last 70 years.

 Subject: State Of The Union Address comment

 I don't know how many other people feel this way, but Mr. Bush made some remarks last
 night that I found extremely disturbing and troubling.  The entire speech was troubling and
 disturbing, but the following particular remarks stood out from the rest in my mind.

"This dictator, who is assembling the world’s most dangerous weapons, has already used them on
 whole villages - leaving thousands of his own citizens dead, blind, or disfigured. Iraqi refugees tell us
 how forced confessions are obtained - by torturing children while their parents are made to watch.
 International human rights groups have catalogued other methods used in the torture chambers of Iraq:
 electric shock, burning with hot irons, dripping acid on the skin, mutilation with electric drills, cutting
 out tongues, and rape. If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning."
 - George W. Bush, State of the Union Address, 28 January 2003

 Mr. Bush seems to really get off on giving everyone all the minute details and particulars
 doesn't he? He could have said that Saddam uses unthinkably cruel torture on all his victims,
 but he chose instead to elaborate on all the macabre details.  I think that is very significant.

 I listened to Mr. Bush's entire horrifying address, but as an RN who used to work with
 criminally insane pyschos in Florida state prisons for many years, the most disturbing part of
 his address was Mr. Bush's remarks and descriptions of pain, suffering and torture, along
 with his equally disturbing facial expressions and smirks during the applause breaks.

 What was he thinking of, being so verbally graphic in front of a world wide audience?
 Was he doing this for the benefit of all the young children who were listening?

 I really believe he's pathologically and psychologically ill. He used to enjoy blowing up frogs
 by placing firecrackers inside them when he was a child.  After the frogs, he graduated to
 overseeing more death penalty executions than any other governor in history. He was also
 involved in bizarre coffin death rituals as a Skull & Bones member at Harvard.

 As Mr. Bush says: "If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning."
 Those are his words, not mine.

 I feel he's truly mentally disturbed.  Mr. Bush's speech last night was further proof of his
 mental illness and insanity, in my opinion.  Mr. Bush presents a clear and present deadly
 danger to all living creatures on earth.

 I feel we have much to fear from this dangerous psycho. He really belongs in a double-lock
 padded cell in 4 point restraints under heavy sedation.

 Warren Gammel

 Subject: Bush called himself a threat!

  Click  Here

"Throughout the 20th century, small groups of men seized control of
 great nations, built armies and arsenals, and set out to dominate the
 weak and intimidate the world.

 In each case, their ambitions of cruelty and murder had no limit. In each case,
 the ambitions of Hitlerism, militarism and communism were defeated by the will
 of free peoples, by the strength of great alliances and by the might of the USA.

 Now, in this century, the ideology of power and domination has appeared
 again and seeks to gain the ultimate weapons of terror."

 Yup, we have to stop "Bushism."
 St John

 The Contest
  We start with honorable mentions

 Here is a picture of the jerk.
 I had to hurry up and turn the damn channel
 before I threw up laughing so hard at this oaf.


 Don S

 Subject: He's Not the President

 This is the best I could do, the signs aren't very visible.

 Did he really say "We're going after corporate criminals?"
 Was that a sick joke?


 Frann, yes.

 Subject:  Lying/Illegitimate Photos

 Dude- Here is my pic from the lie fest. Hope you enjoy.
 I make your site part of my weekly reading , thank you.
 Keep up the good work.

 David C

 Thanks for bringing some fun into a dismal event.

 Here you go, Bart!

 From Kronos

 Ron V

 Hey Bart!

 A big marga with Herradura Silver and Gold plus Grand Marnier is helping me to get
 through this tough assignment.  Thank Koresh I can turn the vile Smirk off of my TV now...

 Let me introduce the rest of Chimpy's foursome:Moe, Curly, and Larry.
 They couldn't wait for the speechifying to end before getting the clubs out...

 Keep the hammer pounding!

 Tom G

 This was almost a prize winner.
 If we had five prizes, this would've won one.

 From Eric P

 Another almost winner, great stuff, Eric.

 Gonna need a few shots of tequila tonight!
 Man, he SUCKS!

 Ollie in Cerrillos, NM

 Ollie, the "Don't put fingers in the monkey's cage" made this the third-place winner.

 here's my contributions to the picture contest.
 i about blew my gasket on several occasions.
 i don't know if i can take much more of this......

 allen in houston

 hi johnny a and johnny p.
 Not sure why, but I thought this should be the second-place winner.


...and the number one,  Blue Ribbon, First Place Winner!!

 Subject: State of the (dis)union

 Hey, Bartcop -

 Here's the pictures taken during Smirk's speech
 (interrupted -- gasp! -- 77 times for applause by "sphincter"phants).

 Keep on Bartcoppin', man -- we NEED you!

 Cynthia H

 I'll contact the winners by e-mail so they can pick their prizes.
 Thanks to all who sent pictures in.

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