'When a Chimp speaks' State of the Union contest

 Last year, Bush used the State of the Union to lie his ass off about
 Saddam's capability of launching deadly WMDs at the East Coast any minute!

 I just read on Yahoo News that the 500th soldier has died for the bastard's profit-making lies.
 It's a crime that the Democrats don't have the balls to do what Clark has suggested, which is to
 investigate this bastard's lies and if proven to be willful (Oh please!) impeach the murdering loser.
 This year, let's up the ante and do another round of signs.
 Winner gets a year's subscription to BartCop Radio, a $100 value.
 Second place gets a six month subscription.
 Third, fourth and fifth place get a 90 day subscription.
 The speech is coming up very soon, if I had a staff I could tell you when,
 but look for the lying monkey to say "My bad" on the 500 dead American soldiers...
 ...or will be just blame Clinton and move on with his talk of going to Mars?

 The 2003 contest results!

 The Contest
  We start with honorable mentions

 Here is a picture of the jerk.
 I had to hurry up and turn the damn channel before I threw up laughing so hard at this oaf.


 Don S

 Subject: He's Not the President

 This is the best I could do, the signs aren't very visible.

 Did he really say "We're going after corporate criminals?"
 Was that a sick joke?


 Frann, yes.

 Subject:  Lying/Illegitimate Photos

 Dude- Here is my pic from the lie fest. Hope you enjoy.
 I make your site part of my weekly reading , thank you.
 Keep up the good work.

 David C

 Thanks for bringing some fun into a dismal event.

 Here you go, Bart!

 From Kronos

 Ron V

 Hey Bart!

 A big marga with Herradura Silver and Gold plus Grand Marnier is helping me to get
 through this tough assignment.  Thank Koresh I can turn the vile Smirk off of my TV now...

 Let me introduce the rest of Chimpy's foursome:Moe, Curly, and Larry.
 They couldn't wait for the speechifying to end before getting the clubs out...

 Keep the hammer pounding!

 Tom G

 This was almost a prize winner.
 If we had five prizes, this would've won one.

 From Eric P

 Another almost winner, great stuff, Eric.

 Gonna need a few shots of tequila tonight!
 Man, he SUCKS!

 Ollie in Cerrillos, NM

 Ollie, the "Don't put fingers in the monkey's cage" made this the third-place winner.

 here's my contributions to the picture contest.
 i about blew my gasket on several occasions.
 i don't know if i can take much more of this......

 allen in houston

 hi johnny a and johnny p.
 Not sure why, but I thought this should be the second-place winner.


...and the number one,  Blue Ribbon, First Place Winner!!

 Subject: State of the (dis)union

 Hey, Bartcop -

 Here's the pictures taken during Smirk's speech
 (interrupted -- gasp! -- 77 times for applause by "sphincter"phants).

 Keep on Bartcoppin', man -- we NEED you!

 Cynthia H

 Get some paper or cardboard and make a sign for Bush's lying State of the Union speech.

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