The soundtrack nobody heard

 Sometime after the speeches ( I think) a very nice lady asked about the soundtrack.
 ...another BartCop error. It's hard to keep track of the mistakes I made that night.

 In the very first minutes of the night, the room wasn't quite ready,
 and the next time I looked up it was 8:30 and Carville was torching that microphone.
 We tried to get a CD on their system, but there was some management problem and besides,
 the buzz in the room was so loud, I don't think the music could've been heard by anybody.

 So here's the soundtrack nobody heard that night.

 Disc One:

 01 Push It, the song Garbage uses to start their shows - great song.
 02 Over my Head by King's X, an old negro spiritual from a damn hard-rocking group.
 03 another great Garbage song
 04 Right Now by Van Halen, as in it was "right now" for Julie
 05 All Along the Watchtower from the U2 movie. It contains the line
      "All I have is a red guitar, three chords and the truth."   That might ring a bell...
 06 another great Garbage song
 07 another great Garbage song
 08 Goodbye to You by Scandal, a double-dipper for that unholy, motherless bastard Ken Starr
 09 South California Purples from Chicago One, before they sold out
 10 another great Garbage song
 11 Dress You Up by Madonna, for all the people who bought suits
 12 Across 110th Street, from Jackie Brown, with the line,
      "You don't know what you'll do until you're put under pressure,"
 13 another great Garbage song
 14 Footstompin' Music by Grand Funk, because by know, we'd be getting rowdy
 15 For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder, who Gov. Bush waved to.
 16 another great Garbage song

 Disc Two:

 01 I Fought the Law by the Clash - 'nuff said.
 02 another great Garbage song
 03 Over and Over by Madonna, a great girl-power song
 04 Fortunate Son by Creedence - for the Unelected Idiot
 05 another great Garbage song
 06 Gimme Shelter by Grand Funk
 07 Man, I Feel Like a Woman by Shania - a "Girls Night Out" song
 08 another great Garbage song
 09 Can't Stop Falling by Cheap Trick
 10 I am the Slime by the Great Frank Zappa - Frank never knew how bad it would get.
 11 another great Garbage song
 12 another great Garbage song
 13 I Was Made to Love Her - by Stevie - like we had a choice
 14 London Calling by the Clash "You know what they say, well some of it was true!"
 15 another great Garbage song
 16 Guns of Brixton - a Clash primer for how to fight
 17 I Saw Her Standing There live by the Beatles at BBC
 18 Mi Carina by my good friend, the best guitar in Texas, Rick del Castillo
 19 another great Garbage song
 20 Got Me Under Pressure by ZZ Top

Disc Three:

 01 Julia by John Lennon -  nice song
 02 I Fought the Law by the Clash - party time at Carville's!
 03 another great Garbage song
 04 Crossfire by SRV
 05 Whatever Gets You Thru the Night by John Lennon
 06 another great Garbage song
 07 You're Not Alone in This World - Amy Grant,
 08 Reach Out and I'll Be There - Four Tops
 09 another great Garbage song
10  another great Garbage song - they have a LOT of good songs...
11 Police and Thieves - the Clash
12 another great Garbage song
13 That Don't Impress Me Much by Shania - "you go, girl" song
14 Two Shots of Happy - Bono's salute to Sinatra, probably the best on-command writing ever
     (contrast it with Mccartney's pitiful "Freedom."
     Bono took Frank's life and Frank's language and distilled it into three minutes and nobody can do that.
     F-ing nobody!
     Example: There's the line
  "Under pressure, but not bent out of shape
    Surrounded, we always found an escape
    Drove me to drink, but hey that's not all bad
    Two shots of happy, one shot of sad."

     Great songwriting in the extreme.
     I'd like to play this song in Las Vegas this year.
     If BartCop Manor was on fire, I'd go back in for this one...

15 Cup of Coffee, the best song Garbage ever did, and that's saying something...
16 Viva Las Vegas - the ZZ version - hey, we gotta do a Juliefest in Vegas.
     ha ha
     Julie does the roller coaster on top of the Stratosphere
     Julie leads 100 BartCoppers on the trek to Area 51.
     Hey, you think I'm kidding?
     If we go to Area 51, and if the planes are flying
     you'll see stuff that'll make your eyes scream, "Liar!"
     When your eyes lie to you, your mind defaults to religion.
     That a trick our parents played on us.
     Area 51 is no joke.
     How cool it would be if we all did Area 51?
     Those Bullies in the white jeeps can be intimidating, but Julie doesn't scare, remember?
     ha ha
17 I Fought the Law by the Clash - party time at Carville's!
18 I am the Warrior, by Patty Smythe

 Disc Four:

 01 another great Garbage song
 02 Do You Believe in Magic? The Spoonful - I'm old, sue me...
 03 Where's the Party? - another Madonna song.
      We should hate her - she's a strong woman...
 04 another great Garbage song
 05 another great Garbage song
 06 Summerland, by King's X
 07 another great Garbage song
 08 I Fought the Law by the Clash - party time at Carville's!
      By Korsh, it would've been party time at Carville's
 09 another great Garbage song
 10 another great Garbage song
 11 Kind of a Drag - the Buckinghams
 12 End of the World by U2 - one of the best rock songs ever writen
 13 Push It, the song Garbage uses to start their shows, again on purpose
 14 Plush - STP - great song - Hall of Fame - hats off to Scott and STP
 15 another great Garbage song, one Shirley said defined their 2002
 16  Hot Dog - the Mighty Zeppelin - I thought it'd be a kick if the ONLY song we heard
      from the best band is history was a country song about losin' yer boots in Tejas.
      Jimmy Page is God - I can't change that - Clinton can't, Bono can't, Shirley can't.
 17 another great Garbage song - where "Send me an angel" came from...
 18 Now I'm Here - Queen's concert-opening number
 19 Me & My Monkey - The Beatles, White Album - this was our escape song.
      I told Christian, when you hear "Me & My Monkey," grab Julie and go for the cab,
      because the next song could bring down the house.
 20 I Fought the Law by the Clash

 So that's what we'll hear at JuliefestWest

 That's why we need Vegas and LA, if for no other reason that to hear this killer soundtrack.

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