While surfing, I saw that  spinsanity.org  has been picked up by internet Goliath salon.com

 Knowing that salon sometimes goes to the dark side in an effort to slow the plummeting hit count,
 I thought I''d check out  spinsanity.org  and see what those guys were selling.

 I saw an attack on Daschle and an attack on Bush.
 I kept trying to find out where they were coming from,
 but I couldn't get a sense of self from them, just attacks on both sides.

 So I fired off a hot letter:

---Original Message Follows----
From: bartcop@bartcop.com
To: feedback@spinsanity.org

Subject: hey from bartcop

Whose side are you guys on?

If you say, "the truth," I'll do a Number 6 on you.

If you're going to attack Daschle AND Bush, you'll come off like
Maureen Dowd and Christopher Hitchens - hating everybody.

Please write back and tell me which way you lean.
And that Number 6 is a mother-xxxxer so watch out.


It was a humor-based message, didn't you think?
I received this reply:

From:  benfritz@hotmail.com
To: bartcop@bartcop.com


Well I guess you're going to have to bring number 6 on,
because my answer is we're on the side of truth and honest political debate.

Spin comes from liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans,
and it's our goal to challenge it wherever we find it, no matter who is the source.

Don't worry, though, we don't hate everybody ... or anybody really.
Except our parents and ex-girlfriends, but that's an entirely different matter
(kidding!, before you consider posting that or something)



Well, I consider that a cop-out!
It's easy to have no opinion.
It's easy to never take a stand on anything.
It's even easier to never bother to rank the crimes of both sides.

I think that's bogus and here's why:
It's that kind of "they all do it" that gave us Ralph Nader.
It's that kind of "they all do it" that gave us "Enron gave to BOTH parties,"
when in truth Enron gave the GOP ten times more than the Dems so that's horseshit!

We need responsible, honest reporting, not "they all do it."

So I fired off another e-mail:

To: benfritz@hotmail.com
From: bartcop@bartcop.com

Subject: Re: hey from bartcop

 Sounds like a debate!

 You're saying both sides are equally quilty?
 I don't buy it.

 Both sides equally break laws?
 I don't buy it.

 You equate blow jobs with arms to terrorists?
 You're not serious!

 You equate the nine year Jihad against Clinton with the no-attacks on Bush?
 That's laughable.

 Christopher Hitchens and Maureen Dowd play that way, too.
 They attack everybody without ever standing BY anybody.

 That way, nobody can ever say, "Well, your guy did even worse
 that what your pummeling THAT guy for."

 I think you need to take a stand.
 It's (IMO) cowardice to say both sides are equally guilty.

 Please defend yourself,


 Will I hear back from Ben?
 If I do, will he answer the charges or just attempt to wiggle away?

 Stay tooned,

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