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 Don is going to put up a "Reader Feedback" link, so you rapid sports fans
 can write in and get your predictions and opinions on the record.

 Obviously, the Rams are going to have them some cheese this Sunday.
 The Packers are a great team, but not like St Louis.
 I look for a 48-28 Rams victory.

 Warner will throw 2 interceptions, and the Rams will lose 3 fumbles,
 but they don't care cause they know they'll score when they get the ball back.

 You can do that, too!
 You don't have to be a sports jenius like Ol' BartCop. (choke)

 Fox is firing Pat Summeral.
 I guess this is his second-last game with John Madden.
 Any opinions on that?
 I always thought Summeral was mostly worthless,
 but he was good with Madden so I didn't mind him too much. 

 Plus, I predict the Bears will be kicking hapless Eagle ass Saturday,
 and the Raiders will be very unpatriotic in New England Saturday night.
 Baltimore will get Steel-rolled, and then the Briefest in St Louis.

 Do you have an opinion?
 You don't have to be smart or right - look at me!
 You just have to have passion.

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