The Sports page is up.

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What we need now is content.

The Angry Burgher will handle the "news" in sports, but he'll need help.
What we need the most is editorials - I think.

Got a sports rant?
What's wrong with sports?
Are college athletes out of control?
Should taxes be used to build stadiums where the families can't afford a night out?
Are ANY umps using the new strike zone?
How about some Salt lake people giving us the up-to-date on the Winter Olympics?
Is the DH good for baseball?

Maybe, once it gets rolling The Angry Burgher could put together a debate
between a pro-instant replay fan with an with an anti-instant replay fan.

There's no end with what we could do with this.

Is there anyone near K-Drag who could cover the Tiger Woo   hysteria?
They're going ape-shit that "His Perfectness" is coming to town.

He'll also need help with VCR alerts. (Example: Ali-Frazier I was on last night)
He'll need help with everything, I suspect, because what's bigger than
the wide, wide world of sports?  (Homage to Mel Brooks and Slim Pickens)

Got a favorite team?
Got a favorite sport?

Write to The Angry Burgher, get "on his payroll," so to speak.
become a writer, just like you've always wanted, and remember, write clean, or at least mostly clean.

I imagine he'll needs "capos" for each sport.

Maybe he can run his favorite sport, and farm out others sports to YOU, and surely he'll do it
on a first-come, first-get basis, but I can't speak for him. I just know there's no way he can cover
baseball, boxing, college football, pro football, basketball, soccer the Winter Olumpics etc etc etc
without a boatload of help, so send The Angry Burgher some e-mail and volunteer.
If you like several sports, ask him which ones are "still open."

And you women - get involved.
You write, don't you?
You have opinions, don't you?

Get involved - take a chance.
If you need to, go to or Yahoo and create an identity
so you can preserve your anonymousness (Homage to W&S)

We could build this into something, and you can be a part of it.

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