Wanted - Sports Editor
 I just found out that Lennox Lewis-Hasim Rahman boxing match was on HBO.
 I didn't know that, because I usually don't get to see the news section of the paper,
 much less have a chance to cruise the sports and financial sections.
 I thought it was Pay-per-View, so I didn't get to see it - damn.

 I need a Sports Editor, someone who already knows html and sports.
 If you have a page on the net and want to do what I'd call a shallow sports page,
 I'd put your link on the main page next to Links, Spirits and The BartCop Reader

 When I say shallow, you can get as deep into something as you want - it's your page.
 But someone that could do sports VCR Alerts, set up important sports events.
 Knowing soccer and basketball is not a big plus, but sure, they're sports, ...mostly.

 For instance, we've got the Triple Crown of horse racing coming up.
You could find some good articles and link to them or write something yourself, or both.
 We just had the NFL Draft, maybe you could've done something on that.
 Hell, I wouldn't mind you praising Tiger Woo (who's coming to K-Drag) cause it's your page.
 Baseball isn't too hot right now, but maybe if the Yankees are in Boston, you could tell us to
 watch for some bad blood or some special pitching match-up, that kind of thing.

 This would be as changing as the seasons.
 During the World Series, Super Bowl, New Years Bowl games, you'd want to be real busy.
 If it looks like a big job, have some friends help. Or, maybe somebody good with basketball,
 tennis and boxing could team up with sombody good with baseball, golf and hockey
 Maybe even (radical idea) a women's golf/tennis/basketball section?
 Dare I say, ... (dare, dare!)  a section on fitness, like going to the gym?

 What we want is a Headline Sports, touch-on-everything type deal.
 But if you want to put up 8 pages a day, fine with me.

 If you're really interested and want to help, but don't have a page or know html,
 your could always be a writer and e-mail your stuff to the Sports Editor.
 Or, if you're a lawyer or doctor, you could send in the occasional column about
 athletes in trouble with the law or their health - it's endless where this could go

 The best part of it?

 You'd be read by dozens of people every day. Hell, it might even turn into something.
 If you're a fun read with a interesting take on sports action, somebody might see you.
 What if this was something you really enjoyed doing, and a year from now,
 someone offered you $1000 per column to write for them - and you love doing it!

 Here's the deal:

 To save myself a lot of time, I need to have someone who has a page up, any page,
 to get things rolling because the whole point is fun that won't cost me more time.

 Maybe there's someone who dabbles in sports, but knows a lot about html and how to organize
 the best baseball guy, best football guy, the best Winter Olympics guy  etc. Koresh, if you people
 don't need a salary, we could have 30 sports writers covering sports like I cover politics.

 Oh, that reminds me,

 ...and try to understand, but I'd want the sports section to be G-Rated, language and nudity wise.
 I know, I know, I'm a hypocrite. I just think sports is different from having your vote stolen.

 Maybe if something is a horrible outrage, some "hells" or "damns" would be permitted,
 but nobody wants to read about a "mother-fucker" of a double play, right?

 So, what do you think?
 This could be like 9/10 of my ideas, ...or it could work.

 I need a Ted Turner type who can produce this sports page.
 You need to have a web page of yours that's at least as snappy as this one.

 ha ha

 You'd have a lot of freedom, and maybe someone will see your work and like it.
 There are people who started at  bartcop.com  who were seen by higher ups.

 Mo Paul,
 the Wizard of Whimsy,
 The Wolf,
 Jim Higdon,
 Christian Livemore,
 Margaret Shemo,
 The Diva,
 BardGal Tally Briggs
 (here I am, Sally Field again, probably forgetting the very same people I forgot last time)
 Tamara Baker,
 Joe C,
 (now I'm forgetting who wants to remain hidden, damn...)

 Well, anyway, maybe those talented people didn't actually get their start here,
 but surely someone saw their work and surely at least stole some of it.

 This is a win-win for everybody.
 The Sports Editor will have all the headaches, the writers will contribute,
 somebody will be discovered and get a job offer that'll really make me mad :)
 and best of all, I and the other readers won't miss the next big boxing match!

 Send us some e-mail, start your subject headline with "sports."
 That way, a week from now, I can just hit "by subject" in the e-mail program
 and get every e-mail to forward to the Sports Editor.

 Hey, maybe it'll blow, but Hugh Henfer, George Jung and Jan Werner started small
 and they made history with sex, drugs and rock n roll.

 Let's do the same thing with sports.
 It's free, and you've got nothing to lose.

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