Crooked Springfield Judges & Cops
  by withheld    (long-time  reader/contributor)

I got an x-bro-in-law who is/was a Springfield cop.  I had to write a 'cease and desist' on him
when he and his wife harassed me during a divorce proceeding.  It took a direct letter to Lynn Rowe
and the IAD to get the man to back the hell off.
Furthermore, my current wife and I were arrested AFTER the prosecuting attorney DROPPED THE
CHARGES on a domestic disturbance (same divorce proceeding), because the bro-in-law cop was
'in good' with an assistant prosecutor (read: he slept with her).
You want MORE stuff on these crooked bastards that the local press won't print?
Give me the word, and I'll dig up some dirt for you.

The word is given.

Who knows, it might help Marc when he goes to court.
I have access to all of the local libraries, and can generally
keep a low profile while I'm researching.
Let me give you a for instance:  One judge used to carry a loaded .44 into his courtroom
all the time, and often would make the lives of his assistants/baliffs/attorneys hell in his
courtroom--demanding they do 'inappropriate' things in order to curry his favor.
How about the local 'businesses' (Bass Pro Shops) buying the judges in order to get houses
and land condemned for the exclusive use of Bass Pro Shops' owner John L. Morris.
Killings?  There have been a number of murders that have gone unsolved (and not investigated
too thoroughly) because either: a) the cops are covering a wealthy local who pays big graft, or
b) the cop did the murder.  The bro-in-law I mentioned earlier had a selection of 'hideout' guns
to plant on 'perps' if he ever needed to do so.  He made no bones about it either.  Smarmy fucker.
Shit man, you got to understand the mentality of these people here--either you belong to the good old boy
network or you are an outsider--an outlaw.  Koresh help you if you sound off against their 'thing'.

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