A Message from Stab-in-the-Back Mike:
   Tuesday, August 8, 2000

Dear "friends,"

Women put up with a lot of crap, but this year's Presidential farce has to take the cake.

We now have four men on the "two" major party tickets running for the
White House. Neither candidate, Democrat nor Republican, even
bothered to CONSIDER a woman for Vice President, let alone appoint one.

Women: 53% of the population -- the MAJORITY gender -- and once again,
there is ZERO representation. The minority still rules, still calls the shots,
still holds the reins of power. That's called "apartheid."

You know what amazes me? That neither Gore nor Bush even tried to
PRETEND they were considering a woman for Vice President! In the past,
the all-male Presidential candidates have at least "floated" some names, or
said "so-and-so" was on "the short list." They thought women might be
upset if it looked like they were being ignored. So they played the game of
interviewing "Pat Schroeder" for the job, or mentioning "Elizabeth Dole" as
a "possibility."

No more.

This year, in what appears to be a political version of "battered women's
syndrome," guy politicians have discovered that they don't have to do a
damn thing to placate women voters.
They are convinced women will just take it -- in silence.

And just as Dick Cheney is the true face of George W. Bush, Joe Lieberman
is the true face of Al Gore. Lieberman's number one financial backer in Connecticut
is the insurance industry -- and when they say "jump," he leaps. He even opposed
Clinton's watered-down health insurance bill. He is an enemy of affirmative action.
He has voted for tax cuts for the rich, voted for NAFTA, supports a form of
prayer ("the minute of silence") in the public schools (and the granting of vouchers
to help fund religious schools), and joined Al Gore as one of only 10 Democrats in
the Senate who supported Bush the First in starting the Gulf War.

In short, a real guy's guy.

Of course, not to beat a dead Corvair, there is a candidate who is now,
according to Tim Russert on "Meet the Press" last Sunday, polling between
11% and 15% in some surveys, and has chosen a woman as his running
mate. His name is Ralph Nader and HER name is Winona LaDuke. She is a
Harvard graduate from Minnesota and a Native American. She has a bunch of
wild ideas women usually come up with, the kinds of things that probably
keep them off the other tickets -- like, everybody should be guaranteed
insurance if they get sick, or working moms and kids deserve day care, or
maybe we shoud build a few less submarines in Connecticut and build a
few new schools in the Bronx. Stuff like that. Chick stuff, ya know.
Stuff us guys ain't got time for.

Ralph and Winona have tripled their standing in the polls since they
started. There is a momentum taking place and maybe, just maybe, the
majority - women - will rise up and say enough of this male apartheid.


Michael (The Stabber) Moore

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