I went to high school with Ken Starr

Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 17:50:51 -0400
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Subject: I went to high school with Starr
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I went to high school with Ken Starr. We attended Sam Houston High School in San Antonio, Texas. He graduated in 1964 and myself in 1967. He was his senior class president and I was my freshman class president. Because of that we got to know each other. We also had a drama class together.

 Ken was a drag queen in high school. During talent shows he would emcee in drag or perform in drag. He often would do drag in black face. He thought he was Martha Reeves or Diana Ross.

 Today Starr makes in excess of $1 million a year from his law firm and being IC. His 90 plus year old mother, Vinnie Starr, still lives in the shack he was brought up in. That is the kind of family values he has. When he visits San Antonio he will not stay at his mother's house, but in a motel. Her house is below him today.

High School Graduation Photo of Ken Starr, supplied by Chris Hagin 

Chris Hagin
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Sam Sloan wrote:
> Is this really true, because if it is, I would like to blast this all over
> the world Wide Web.
> How can I verify this?
> Sam Sloan

At 08:45 PM 9/22/98 -0400, Chris Hagin wrote:
>Sam, this is true. Back in March or April the National Inquirer ran a
>picture of him in drag they got from another former Sam Houston
>Cherokee. You might be able to search the archive at the Inquirer.
>He was also caught in a closet behind the auditorium stage with another
>boy. They both had their paints below there knees. Back when Starr was
>in the Bush Administration Ralph Hill the other guy in the closet with
>him told me. Ralph is now dead.
>A photo from our high school yearbook is attached. You can see his looks have changed.
>Chris Hagin

Thank you for the photo. I am posting your letter plus the photo at the following address:


I personally believe that Ken Starr is gay, for a variety of reasons. I am not gay myself but am observant and notice things others do not.

 I would like to get some hard evidence on this. Exactly what did Ralph Hill die from?

 Sam Sloan

I am not sure what Ralph died from, but I am told it was AIDS. We have had 5 or 6 guys die from AIDS that were at Sam Houston with me.

 I personally gave this information over the phone and by fax to James Carville, but he did not want to use it.


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