Starr Defends Lewinsky Investigation, Blames President

By Don Babwin, Associated Press, 2/21/2000 23:14

EVANSTON, Ill. (AP) Former independent counsel Kenneth Starr blamed
President Clinton on Monday for the years and millions of dollars spent on
the investigation that ultimately led to Clinton's impeachment.

Of course.
The guilty never blame themselves.

He also said he was disappointed with media coverage of the
investigation, comparing the press to a microphone that
magnifies what is being said without screening or filtering it.

Remember - Clinton tried to HIDE this affair.  It was sex-cop-with-a-hardon
Kenneth Starr who wanted to make big, splashy headlines about this affair.

But Starr reserved his most pointed criticism for Clinton during a
question-and-answer session with Northwestern University journalism students.
He said the president could have spared the country the ordeal by being forthright
about his relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Translation: If President Clinton had immediately confessed to every
wild-ass charge we made, our witch hunt might've taken less time.

''It could all have been (avoided) simply by saying, `There was this activity,
I shouldn't have done it, let's get it behind us as reasonably as we can,'''
Starr said in a speech at the Medill School of Journalism.

It could've been avoided if Starr had said, "Mr. President, we're working with
Linda Tripp, and Paula Jones's attorneys and we know about the blow jobs
on the 14th, the 27th and the 5th, so let's get past this, OK?"

No, he didn't do that.

He refused to ask direct questions like that so he could later say, "I think the president
might've been less than completely forthcoming when I asked him personal questions
about his cock," which is exactly what the Paula Jones lawyers asked him to do.

Starr didn't want a quick resolution.
They tried to drag this into the 1998 elections, and they did, and it cost them seats.

Starr said Clinton has ''this unfortunate side, this unwillingness to come to grips with the
situation that would have spared everyone all the angst ... by coming to grips with it
and to say `here it is' as opposed to dragging the country through it and then
suggesting that it's all the law officer's fault.''

Again, Clinton didn't drag anybody through anything.
Clinton wanted to do the nation's business (and get a little tongue now and then.)
It was Newt, Armey, Barr and Delay who produced this 24-month extravaganza.
It was Newt, Armey, Barr and Delay who made "oral sex" dinner table conversation.

Starr said he regrets not establishing a public information office, conceding his office
was ill-prepared to handle the avalanche of questions from reporters all over the world.

Why didn't you just ask Michael Isikoff to handle the press, Kenny?
He was your personal Press Secretary, anyway, you lying mother-effer.

Still, he criticized coverage as often presenting an incomplete,
and therefore misleading, picture of the investigation.

It's a bitch when things spin out-of-control isn't it, Kenny?

Starr's successor as independent counsel, Robert Ray, is closing out the six-year,
$50 million probe, which led to the convictions of 14 people.

Name the 14 people - go ahead, I'll wait...

C'mon, name the 14 people for me...

There was Jim Guy Tucker,
There was Jim McDougal,
There was Susan McDougal,
and there was Web Hubbel.
Does that look like 14 people to you?

...and Starr was unable to connect Clinton to any of the "crimes"
committed by these FOUR, not fourteen, people.

The horse-molester Paul Harvey repeated the same lie today, Tuesday.
"Fourteen people convicted by Kenneth Starr," he lied.
 You can't believe a goddamn word a horse molester says.

In addition to Whitewater and Lewinsky, Starr's office looked into the purge of the
White House travel office and the White House's improper gathering of FBI files
on employees and presidential appointees from Republican administrations.

So, the real "crimes" went unpunished because Starr was so cock-crazy?

Starr defended the investigation into the Lewinsky matter, saying it was as much
about perjury as an inappropriate relationship.

Why should the federal government be investigating an "inappropriate relationship?"
Starr says it was about that AND perjury.

''Our solemn obligation was to examine whether crimes not about the nature of private
relationships - but whether crimes have been committed,'' he said.

That's not what you just said.
That's not what you just said.

You just said it was "as much about perjury as an inappropriate relationship."
That means those two "crimes" are co-equal in the mind of a raging sex-cop.

He said Clinton was bound to answer questions that many considered inappropriate.

"Clinton was bound?"
  I'll bet those words give Ken Starr a woody to this day.

''I don't think we've created an exception in our law I know we
 haven't if the question is embarrassing, you get a pass.''

Fine, Kenny.
Let's give Harold Ickes $50,000,000 and 6 years of threatening your family and friends
and business partners and see what embarrassing questions he can come up with.
1. Have you ever had sex with this cadaver, Mr. Starr?
2. Have you ever had sex with this cadaver, Mr. Starr?
3. How about this cadaver over here, Mr. Starr?

Harold could do six months of that, with your ugly face on TV every night.
Then, backdoor Bettina Gregory could do live reports from the DC morgue
with a graphic overhead that says, "Starr - Sex With the Dead?"
Two years of that, you stupid muttonhead.

You think your universe is screwed now, Mr. Starr?
Ickes could make it so much worse for you.

Starr sounded gracious when talking about first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, saying her
statement that Starr's investigation was part of a vast right-wing conspiracy was
''sort of an understandable defense mechanism.''

Hey, Kenny.
When is Susan McDougal getting you under oath to discuss the "pretend conspiracy?"
Are you going to answer her lawyer's questions, Mr Starr?
Or will you plead, "I can't discuss a private matter?"

I've met Susan McDougal, Mr. Starr.
I've looked into her eyes.
I have seen her steely determination.

She  owes  you, Kenny.
BIG time.
It's my opinion she's a woman who pays her bills, too.

You're in trouble, Kenny.

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