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 Bartcop, you have special reason to remember this clown.

 About 45 minutes before the bomb went off on 4/19/95 in front of the Murrah
 Building, this idiot's office got a fax that the sender (who turned out to be one of
 the "Michigan Militia" who knew McVeigh) had tried to make look like it came
 from a Federal agency, warning of a bomb threat to a Federal building in Oklahoma City.

 Now, I'm a Federal employee.

 All Federal employees - and all Congressional staff, as well - are taught
 that if they ever, EVER get a bomb threat of ANY sort, even if they think
 it's a JOKE, they are to IMMEDIATELY notify either the FBI, the Federal
 Protective Service, and/or the BATF. Forty-five minutes would have been
 more than enough time to evacuate every single Federal building in
 Oklahoma City before the bomb blew.

 Stockman's people just threw the fax in the recycling bin.

 It wasn't until a couple days AFTER the blast that one of the staffers
 remembered that funny little fax and fished it out of the bin. Congressman
 Stockman then decided that it should be sent to whoever he felt would know
 what to do with it.

 Guess where Stockman had copies of it sent first?

 The FBI? No.

 Federal Protective Services? Wrong again.


 The goddamn National Rifle Association. (I am not making this up.)

 It was only after the intense media uproar hit over his compounding one
 boneheaded mistake with another that he grudgingly sent the fax to the FBI.
 That's what guaranteed his one-termer status in otherwise Republican Texas.

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 Congressman Clueless Considers a Comeback?
  Ed Henry's Heard on the Hill, Roll Call, June 19, 2000

 Full  Story

 Is ex-Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) planning yet another comeback?

 Paul Williams, a Republican running for the seat once held by Stockman,
 thinks so -and he's trying to squelch the speculation as quickly as possible.

 "Steve Stockman and I agree on a lot of issues, but I think he has a screw
 loose," Williams told the Houston Chronicle.

 Stockman recently sent out a fundraising letter that made it sound like he
 may have designs once again on the seat currently held by Rep. Nick Lampson (D).

 The four-page letter includes an attack on Lampson's record and a
 promise from Stockman to "fight the fight once more."

 "The smell of their fear is in the air and that only strengthens my resolve,"
 Stockman wrote in the letter. "I know that we will be able to defeat my liberal
 opponent, but it is going to take a lot of hard work on everyone's part to make it happen."

 Stockman, a controversial one-term wonder known for his somewhat strange
 pronouncements, previously failed to return to the Hill after losing  to Lampson in 1996.

 Stockman was unavailable for comment, but an aide told the newspaper
 that the letter was not distributed to 9th district residents and that Stockman
 had offered his help to Williams but was refused.

 Williams, who said both claims are untrue, said Stockman "needs to wake
 up and realize that I am the Republican nominee."

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