We need our own Wall Street page and our own Wall Street expert.

 No, we're not going to sell stocks, we want to get information and observe trends.

We need volunteers

 The perfect candidate will already have a stock page up that we can link to by the end of the day.
 If no  bartcop.com  readers have a stock page up, we need someone willing to create one.

 Daily updates would be nice, but if that's too much work, maybe we could get a report every Monday
 on how many hueueuege companies filed bankruptcy that week, how many are filing bankruptcy this week,
 the shape the DOW is in, how tech stocks are doing, interesting IPO's and whatever else fits.

 Don't need a reason, but whoever gets this position could turn it into something bigger.
 Dozens of people read  bartcop.com  and you'd have a chance to get their attention and earn their respect.

 Maybe if you're really good at html (you'd have to know the basics for this to work) you could have
 the DOW's current reading displayed on your site in the hours the market is open.

 This job might be so big, you might even need help, so maybe the top few candidates would agree
 to work together - one gathering info, one doing the actual html, another writing analysis and overviews.
 Julie RB is working with me to select the perfect candidate. Then he or she can choose his/her staff.

 This will be completely your baby, like the way Marty is running 
 I'll link to it and you change your content.
 There's almost nothing not affected by the stock market.
 You have defense, you have government, you have politics, you have Hollywood, you have crime.

 You'd be in a position to write rants on all of that, ...and oh, ...we'd like to have a Democrat, please.
 I'm all for fair and balanced, but we don't need some idiot telling us what a jenius Bush is with Wall Street.

 How'd this come about?

 I saw last Wednesday's USA Today "Money" section.
 They had a lot of interesting stories (stock stories? Interesting?) all on one page.

 For instance:
 AOL-TIME-Warner (are they still calling it that?) is selling The Comedy Channel because AOL is $29 billion,
 yes, that's with a "b," in debt, or so says USA Today.  Wouldn't that be good information to know if you're
 considering changing your online service?

 eBay profits are up 119 percent - there's probably a reason for that - I wonder what it is?

 WorldCom ex-CFO pled "not guilty," and you would be pounding on him.

 Merck scraps IPO, due to accounting worries and Bush's dead economy.

 AMD and their new, bad-ass chip teams up with IBM to but the beatdown on Intel

 Kraft Foods won't loan money to its parent, Phillip Morris, probably because the money
 will stink like a smoky bar when they accept payments on the debt.

"Housing Boom is over" says Celia Chen, housing economist at economy.com

 They also had a big story on the Satanists who run Proctor & Gamble for the B.F.E.E. (kidding)
 All those stories, and I didn't see any of them because who has the time?
 But if it was just a click away...

 So, are you the person we need to put on the map?
 Hell, if you're good, somebody bigger might scoop you up.
 If you predict something that comes true, you might get a mention in the whore media.

us at our special new mailbox,   bartcopstocks@yahoo.com

 Get involved!
 You never know, it could change your whole life

 We could also use a  center to handle computer stuff and new programs
 and Gates's new operating systems as they come out, one after another like our own Kim Komando

 And maybe a combination section, (if interested - write)
 but let's try to get the stock thing working first.

  back to  bartcop.com

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