My new video card is installed now.

So far, I've mastered the art of "video capture," which means I can capture a picture
from the TV or from a video tape.  It'll take me a little longer to master the art
of recording movies. I'm getting warning signs and "fatal errors" when I try movies.
Maybe one of you web geniuses could e-mail me with tips.
My ADD prevents me from reading the 700 page manual.
I'm using the Voodoo 3500 video card, the best on the market.

I wondered who would be my first video capture, and I got a good one.

Remember Dick Stone?
He's the former Dole aide that took out an ad in the DC, NY Miami and LA papers
asking other men to contact him for the purposes of screwing his wife.
He said in the ad, "She loves to fuck, hard and deep."
He really loves his wife.

Dick was on TV last night, speaking as Donald Trump's representative.


My question is, has Dick invited Trump to (have sex with) his wife?
He says she loves it hard and deep.
Why does Trump have this guy speak for him?

Does he know Dick Stone's deep, dark secrets?

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