WASHINGTON, March 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Two national advertisers have
 canceled commercials during Laura Schlessinger's radio program, according to
 information obtained today by StopDrLaura.com. The companies' decisions come
 in the midst of a growing controversy over Paramount's plans to offer the "Dr.
 Laura" show on television this fall.

 StopDrLaura.com learned of the companies' decisions in e-mails from
 company executives. An executive with More.com, an online pharmacy,
 wrote to one concerned customer:
 "We do not want to have any association with Dr. Laura."

 The message was written by Alessia Johnson, customer contact
 specialist for More.com, in direct response to a customer concerned about
 Schlessinger's anti-gay statements. "We certainly do not want to give our
 valued customers the wrong idea about More.com," Johnson continued.
"We do not support her views and we refuse to advertise with her again."

 Another national advertiser, Amica Insurance, has also decided to stop
 advertising during Schlessinger's radio program. In another e-mail obtained
 by StopDrLaura.com, an Amica executive wrote:
 "We have also asked the buyer to verify that no spots will air during that show
  on any station in the country on which we are advertising."
 The message was written by John Connors, Amica's senior vice president.

 StopDrLaura.com confirmed both companies' decisions today in conversations
 with executives. Bruce Mowry, More.com's vice president of marketing and
 business development, confirmed that a company-wide e-mail had been prepared
 on More.com's decision. Connors also confirmed his company's decision in a
 conversation with StopDrLaura.com.

 The pair of former Schlessinger advertisers is unique, one a 90-year-old
 insurance company and the other an aggressive "dot.com." Amica
 (http://www.amica.com) is the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the nation,
 while More.com offers health, beauty and wellness products online.

 Amica is headquartered in Providence, RI, and More.com is in San Francisco.
 "These companies recognize that intolerance is bad business," said John
 Aravosis, a spokesman for StopDrLaura.com. "Paramount should come to the same
 conclusion, and drop plans to give Schlessinger a national platform for her
 anti-gay rhetoric."

 Schlessinger has labeled homosexuality "deviant," called gays "biological errors,"
 and has claimed that a "huge portion of the male homosexual populace
 is predatory on young boys."

 Schlessinger claimed on February 24 that she "never made an anti-gay
 commentary," then issued a heavily couched "apology" on March 11, but then
 recanted the apology days later. Schlessinger told a reporter for the Boston
 Herald that her statement was not an apology, but a "clarification."

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