A new Murder Mystery show starts TONIGHT on FOX

 It's called  Murder in Small Town X

 The TV critic for USAToday says it might not work because it's possibly too smart for FOX TV

 Here's the deal:

 This unscripted drama is a cross between a game, reality, drama and mystery show.
 In a remote, atmospheric small town, 10 people come together an attempt to identify
 the killer in a murder that has just happened in the town. The players set about their
 investigation with the help of a sergeant from a southern California law enforcement
 agency who advises them of the parameters and the rules. They are given clues to
 follow which lead them to contact town locals (played by improvisational actors).

 As evidence mounts in each episode, one pair of players will endure an undisclosed
 terrifying situation in order to gain more clues and advance the investigation: Only one
 person will return. As the "killer" claims more vicitms, the stakes are raised for the
 remaining players. Using their wits, stamina and creativity the players struggle to identify
 the "killer" and remain the last person standing.

 So, we have 10 "players" and 23 "improvizational players, 15 of which are "suspects."
 In each episode, two contestants are sent out alone to search for clues.
 One is "killed," the other brings back an important clue.

 The setup:

 Maybe we could follow this show, at least at first, to see if it's any good.
 People that aren't interested can just scroll past it, but Mrs. BartCop and me
 enjoy shows like Law & Order and Perry Mason-type shows where you try
 to guess who the killer is before the show's detectives do.

 What attracted me to this show is they say it's complicated.
 It's not the usual horseshit.

 Of course, it could be crap, since we've never seen it, but either way,
 it won't be the same old crap.

 We've got nothing to lose and it might be fun.
 So for right now - do nothing.

 Tomorrow, if you watched it and have an opinion or a guess, send it in.
 Maybe we'll give a Corvette away to the first person who correctly identifies the "killer."


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