Murder in Small Town X

 Well, what did we see?
 We saw 10 contestants, 16 suspects and 8 other non-suspect players.

 Some of it was good, some was OK, and some was hokey.
 I thought the dumbest part of the whole night was when the eventually-murdered contestant
 said into the camera, "Kids, if Mommy doesn't make it back, remember I love you."
 I doubt even Rubert Murdoch would murder a woman on camera for ratings.

 But as far as solving the crime, I don't have a clue.
 Do we even know what the murder weapon(s) is/were?

 Since my IQ of 64 often fails me, I plan to hang in there a few weeks and as the clues mount
 and the number of suspects dwindle, maybe we'll get closer to some theories.

 What I was hoping to get out of this from a let's-work-together perspective is comparing
 notes when the story is a little farther down the road.

 ...and before you bail on this show, remember what USA Today's TV critic said:
 This show isn't that great, but compared to reruns and the rest of the crap they're giving us,
 at least it has the potential to be good where the others don't.

 Maybe they'll be something in today's mail bag.

 Check this out:

 This is from the K-Drag TV Guide.
 What do you see that's "funny?"

 It said the damn show came on at 7:30 - that's not when it came on.
 It also said, (cropped out of the picture) that it was 90 minutes long.

 The TV Guide has been shit for months.
 I have to use the USA Today to figure out what's on, because the networks (or TV Guide)
 don't have the brains to get the right information out there so people know what's on.

 If I made mistakes like that in my finance job, I'd be fired.
 The networks are billion-dollar corporations.
 How can they stay in business if they can't do their jobs?
 Besides this pissed-off rant, I've never seen a word about this is print.

 The TV Guide has it wrong constantly.

 I understand, when they find Chandra's body, they might run some special showing
 Guilty Gary pulled pulled out of his townhouse in handcuffs (he'd like that?)
 but when the summer is slower than Smirk adding the dice in craps,
 why can't the networks an TV Guide pull their heads out of their butts?


 This just in...

 TV Guide is printed in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

 Well no wonder they can get anything right.
 It's produced by the people who think Senator Pissquik is fair to the Clintons.
 It's produced by the people who think Senator Don Kickles is fair and balanced.
 It's produced by the people who think Steve Largent has a brain.
 It's produced by the people who think Uncle OJ Watts is "a good boy."
 It's produced by the people who think Gov. Keating never took a $250,000 bribe from Jack Dreyfus.
 ...and we can't forget the importance of being Ernest Istook, (R-I'lldecideyourprayersforyou)

Those kinds of people are in charge of your TV Guide.


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