Murder in Small Town X Reviews and Suspects

 by  Sonny

I'm going with Jimmy Tinker the boy friend..
In the opening credits, his face is a reflection.

Interesting note - During the video tape webcam segment - for a split second
just before the tape ends, she looks slightly to her right, if she was cutting
transmission with a mouse, she would look at it. However in the house,
the mouse and pad are set for a lefty. There are several left handed people as suspects.

My second guess is the preacher. I don't trust the guy.
The girl went to summer camp and the minister lied to her.
Happens all the time!!

by  Alicia Turner

All rejoice! Another reality show. I'm sure this excitement resonates through most television viewers
at the prospect of another asinine show with asinine people doing asinine and degrading things for cash.
If most of them weren't so damn ugly I'd suggest posing for Playboy. However, in this sea of stagnant,
unoriginal, unintelligent, money-grubbing network greed that is the reality show genre emerges a new
generation in Murder in Small Town X.

The new reality series brought to us by the producers of The Real World and Fear has a lot of the
qualities of The Blair Witch Project and had me wanting to see it from the beginning. Much to my
dismay because I have despised all reality shows after MTVs Real World and Road Rules. I see them
as the eventual demise of the national I.Q if the selected pResident George W. Bush hasn’t already
shattered it. Even if you didn’t like the Blair Witch Project you shouldn’t write this show off so quickly
as there is a lot more to it than sideways storytelling, such as a compelling plot that doesn’t require
someone to eat an insect as “entertainment” and cinematography that allows the viewer to gain different
 perspectives with ease. With Law and Order: Criminal Intent on the horizon those of us waiting for that
Sunday in September can use Murder in Small Town X as practice. The use of intellectual thought is a
must in this show and a delightful change from Fox's usual lineup. You know, those people who brought
you Temptation Island, Boot Camp and this fall’s Love Cruise.

Murder in Small Town X debuting on Fox's Tuesday night lineup tonight should have had any viewer
intrigued in the first five minutes. With the mysterious death of the Flint family the creepy mystery adventure
for 10 "contestants" begins. Aided by a real cop, clues left by the murderer and the fear at being one of
those murdered in each episode the contestants set out to find the killer.
Allowing the viewing audience to do the same [sans fear].

 Filmed much in the style of Fox's short-lived series Freakylinks watching this show is more like watching
an actual TV show than a reality series. Only the fact that the characters speak directly to the camera in
interviews gives this away. The improvisational actors of this show have a tough job and perform well under
the pressure. In a few areas, such as the red envelope where they group has to answer the killer’s question
to absolve one of the suspects and the show’s “lifeguard”, they play up the game aspect of the show too
much, though it doesn’t take away from the show’s appeal. Even though we’ve only known these people
for less than an hour I still felt bad for the two who had to play the killer’s game. Even though we know it’s
a game, there is real fear and I’d be a sniveling pussy were I sent out in the dark alone with only a 50 percent
chance of coming back (and pissed for being thrown of a show I was only on for a week). I was left truly
creeped out by the spookiness of this show.

It's about time one of these networks got it right; a thoughtful show that doesn't pander to the lowest
common denominator of contestants and audience. Who knew that this country's slipping sanity
would be saved by none other than Fox?

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