First of all,

This is not a complaint.
This is a declaration of an observation of something I consider to be somewhat of an oddity.

Meeting Susan McDougal was the biggest thing to happen to me,
the RL-LNW Newsletter or  in the 43 months we've been at this.
(Can you believe it's been 43 months?)

Not a single mention from anybody, besides one, by-the-way e-mail.
That's OK, I've been swamped by too much mail anyway, butt...

I did get sixteen e-mails correcting my Michael J. Fox mistake at the Emmy's.


That means something - not sure what.
Maybe my Susan McDougal story was so outrageous, you thought it was a gag?
I may have to post that picture - to maintain credibility.

On other matters, ...I figured something out.
I've been doing things backwards.

I think from now on, I'll put the pictures on the page, instead of making you
wait for each one to load, and I'll put a link up for the stories.

That way,  you can see "headlines," at a glance, and choose what you want to read.
Things often read in reverse, where you see the last reel of the movie before
you see the first reel. This won't help that, but maybe you can see the
start of the story and read it before the update comes around.

...wish me luck.

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