Tally's Trip report - Vegas 2005


Bart, you bastard! Friday night we stood in the cab line at MGM for 30 min.... then got back to Palms 
and went to get some chow at the  24/7 café then crashed. Tommy slept in until noon. I played slots. 
Then we  grabbed a cab to a small British Pub down Tropicana just past the Cowboy Convention at 
the TOMMY MACK CENTER at UNLV, the Crown & Anchor to watch the LA Galaxy 
(I'm guessing that's a soccer team) WIN the WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP  
over Colorado. So we had to drive by not only the PBR traffic, but the U2 traffic as well.  
We also ran into other Riot Squaders (LA  FANS) there. Talk about small world....

Then went to Quarks and met Jim & Christine while I frantically called American Airlines getting our 
tickets for DFW for the MLS CUP game  next weekend. (So much for those miles I was saving for Maui....) 
I just hope my boss doesn't loose his mind when I tell him I need  another day & a half off in a week.

After a few bevs we caught the monorail back to the Paris and Tommy and & met some friends at 
Mon Ami Gabi for a late dinner.

Sunday morning we headed out to the airport at noon, after having the concierge print our boarding passes
.... got thru the skycap check in and security in no time.   Met an amazing guy, Sam, at the tequila bar who is 
now coming over for Thanksgiving. Sat next to one of the writers from LOST on the plane, along with a guy 
who does news for Clear Channel, and I spent most of the flight telling him how great Air America Radio is 
(he handles the local affiliate.)

All around it was an AMAZING TIME!

So Bart, thanks for having THE  MOST BRILLIANT IDEA of going to see U2 in Las Vegas.





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