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Monday, November 20th, 2000

I wish the putzes on all of the news stations would stop crying about the damned CHADS! "The chads are falling out
all over the place - WAHHHHHH" they whine. As if only the GORE chads are magically falling out while the Bush
ones hang on for dear life. NEWS FLASH - they were supposed to fall out. That is how they were designed. They
are supposed to fall out when you poke them when you cast your VOTE! If more than one chad has fallen out in the
presidential category it counts as two votes, and is nullified. (unless of course these are the ballots that were
pre-punched in advance which is of course ILLEGAL. Is that what you are afraid they will find? Hmmmmm.) So
SHUT THE HELL UP. And the GOP yipping dogs need to stop saying "They have been counted, and counted, and
counted again…." No, you keep stopping them, and they’ve only counted one percent of the total, so if you will
SHUT THE HELL UP and let them do their job, you might, just might start not looking like whining spoiled three year
olds and they might actually GET counted.

I miss the Pets.com Sock Puppet! I love that thing! I love those commercials, almost as much as I love Cat Herding.
I am now the proud owner of a Sock Puppet t-shirt, coffee mug, and my very own Talking Sock Puppet. He says
five cool things like "Stuffed things! I love stuffed things!" (the t-shirt says that on it too) and "I’m here to play with the
Tabby Cat."

I think the Sock Puppet needs his own talk show. Can’t you just see him asking Smirk about Spot?

VCR ALERT - 11/19/00

My VCRs - ROSWELL & BOYS DON’T CRY (Cinemax) and (ok, I confess, old Dark Shadows reruns on Sci-Fi)

Still SWEEPS, but not much competition against Dennis Miller & the boys of MNF. GO DENNIS! YOU RULE!


Moving on……

CINEMAX - THE BRANDON TEENA STORY - This is a documentary airing just before the film BOYS DON’T CRY.
Sort of a true outline prep for Hilary Swank’s Oscar winning portrayal of Brandon.

FX - Tonight’s X-FILES rerun is the COPS episode. One of my many favorites, almost as good as the vampire one
where Mulder throws the sunflower seeds at the pizza boy and with the Luke Wilson as the Sheriff.

TLC - Some scary series called WHEN DOCTORS MAKE MISTEAKS - I don’t think I’m that brave right now.

COMEDY CENTRAL - Two solid hours of the British version of WHO’S LINE IS IT ANYWAY.

Serious Artists -

SUNDANCE - FLAMENCO - Director Carlos Saura's documentary portrait of the art of flamenco featuring some 300
singers, dancers and musicians celebrating centuries of the dance form.

Is the Turkey out of the freezer yet? For a good recipe:


Until next we meet~


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